Bronzing of an Emerald

Fanfiction cross-over between Harry Potter and Twilight.

Harry gazed out the window at the falling snow, his bright eyes dimmed of the joy of pregnancy. He sighed lightly, dragging his eyes up to meet golden eyes. “Hello, Edward.” Cold arms were wrapped gently around his waist, equally cold hands coming to rest on his extended belly. Harry placed his own hands onto that of his husband’s. Edward kissed the unruly mop of black hair as he rubbed slow circles on the younger man’s stomach.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Harry entwined his fingers with the marble ones as he let out another sigh, this one wistful and nostalgic. “Draco and I used to talk about this moment. He would always say that I would be preggers and fat and he would be there to laugh at me. The bastard. He said that he’d be godfather, of course, and he’d teach the little gremlin how to be a true Malfoy.” Harry’s lips twitched into a small smile, but it faltered and his voice trembled. “He was always so sure that he’d be there. Here. But now he’s not.” He closed his eyes as tears slid slowly down his cheeks. “He’s not and it’s all because the slick bastard went and got himself blown up for me.” Squeezing his eyes closed, he turned and buried his head into Edward’s chest, harsh sobs wrenching themselves from his lips. Edward’s heart clenched at the sound, as he held him close. Slowly the sobs quieted, until he was sniffling miserably. Watery green eyes looked up from under messy raven hair. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to just break down on you like that.”

Edward cupped the younger man’s cheek with a hand, his thumb gently tracing along high cheekbones before sliding down the bridge of a dainty nose. He placed his hands once more onto the swollen belly of his mate, caressing gently. “Your daddy’s talking like we’re not madly in love with him and would do anything, be anything for him, little man.” He mock whispered. “Do you remember what I told you to do when your daddy talks nonsense like that?”

Harry yelped suddenly and his hands flew to his stomach. “He kicked me!”

Edward gently pushed Harry’s hands to the side and rubbed the spot soothingly, a smug grin on his face. “Good job, Drake.”

Harry froze. He swallowed, his voice shaky as his eyes searched for golden. “Ed-Edward…?”

Edward’s expression as he gazed at the raven’s belly was impossibly innocent. “Hmm?”

“Y-you called…”

“Ah, yes, the little man and I had a talk a while back about his name.” Edward said casually. “He was quite enamoured with ‘Drake Pera’, but he wasn’t sure if you’d like it too. He said something about wanting to be named after his Uncle Draco.”

“Uncle D-Draco?”

“‘Pera’ means classy and elegant in Spanish.” Edward said as his eyes finally met emerald greens, clasping Harry’s hands in his. “Drake Pera Cullen.” Edward said softly.

Green eyes slowly filled with tears before Harry launched himself forward to cling tightly onto Edward. “Thank you, thank you Edward.”

Edward rubbed Harry’s back soothingly, one hand returning to rest on his husband’s pregnant belly. “I think he likes it, little man. I think he likes it.”

The End

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