The beautiful Cara has risen up against the dynasty of her brother, the crowned king of Avenwood, to end his cruelty. After struggling to a bloody victory with the help of her loyal followers she discovers some unexpected family secrets. She has her wounded brother imprisoned, but as her only link to her family history she finds that she needs him more than she ever imagined.

The wind was cold and clear against my face. It woke me up to the sight below me.

The battle was over and we stood, Garret and I, on top of the hillock to the west of the castle.

Below us the field was filled with the blood stained bodies of our enemies. It was not the poetic sight I had imagined for so long, but rather it was gruesome. for the first time since this had all begun I had a moment of feeling like a girl. I thought I might be sick actually, looking at the blood and guts. the smell!

Something caught my eye, a few feet away someone was still moving. I focused my attention on him, and moaning.

"My lady, my lady help me!" it was Sydney, one of my loyal followers. I went to his side. his intestines were wrapped around the sword of a dead man, trailing outside his body. I layed a hand on his forehead and kissed his brow. "Thank you Sydney"

I looked up at Garret, my right hand man, you might say, and nodded once.

Garret raised his foot and brought his boot down on Sydney's neck with a loud crack.

The moaning stopped.

I don't know how long I stayed there, kneeling beside my dead follower. You have to expect to have losses, when you launch a war. I just didn't expect them to hurt so much. I sat for a long time and just stared at the mass of human suffering and loss below me. But then the wind changed and the smell caught me again, the sickly sweet smell of fresh blood and the stench of internal organs ripped out. I gagged once and stood up.

"We had better get back to the castle, Garret. There are bodies to burn and arrangements to be made."

The End

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