Having daintily draped her arms about his neck in sheer bliss, Tasha quickly cradled Devin’s face in her beautiful bare bosom and proceeded to trace his jawline as a sensuous scarlet hue began to creep across her face before gently releasing her beloved with a good luck kiss, thereby allowing the smile of a hitherto winsome Wraith to sink into a frigid frown as his wings began to flutter and soon thrust him out through the bedroom window to attempt a sucker punch on his deviant doppelganger, only to be shocked when Kevin clawing of his own pectoral flesh had stopped Devin dead in his tracks while causing wave after wave of agonizing pain to attack the saintly seraph’s chest just long enough for the wicked Rathbone to compile said agony by blasting his purer persona [Devin] with an omnipotent palm thrust that freed nearly three tablespoons of blood from his lips while coming dangerously close to stopping his heart for good.


While applying ungodly amounts pressure onto Devin’s gullet amid a single-handed strangulation, Rathbone could have ended the life of his pristine persona right then and there – that is, if Kevin had not been so beguiled by a tantalizing Tasha as she strode forth with only a bed sheet draped about her frame then gave a gleeful giggle and winked as the sheet had unfurled from about her frame, driving her to shyly shield her blushing breasts from the bracing outside air while crystalline nectar similar in aroma to rosehips and sake had gradually trickled from the luscious lips of her shivery slit and painted a mighty burgundy blush upon her cheeks in order to slacken Rathbone’s grip around Devin’s throat just enough for the stouthearted saint to skulk behind Kevin and trap him in a furious headlock which did nothing more than sharpen the sinful specter’s wings to the status of razorblades and prompted the point of Rathbone’s right elbow to jab his own chest, forcing Devin to break the hold and favor the piercing pain in his ribs while struggling in vain for a breath.


Wanting to once again shift this battle in her beneficent boyfriend’s favor, Tasha gradually began fondling her breasts in a slow circular motion while allowing her delectable lily to quake and quiver as thoughts of her darling Devin’s touch had begun flooding her mind to the point where a wave of moans trickling from her lips had driven Kevin’s tongue to glide idly between his lips in a momentary lapse of cognition, giving Devin enough time to reach his right hand betwixt Rathbone’s very wings and attempt to liberate Gustav’s body from the prison molded into Kevin’s flesh, forcing the anarchical archangel to bite deep into his own right arm and send a jolt of pain coursing through Devin’s own arm just as his hand had grabbed hold of Gustav’s and prepared to pull him free.


This caused Rathbone to mutilate himself even further by actually tearing chunks of flesh from his own arm in an attempt to discourage Devin into leaving Gustav to linger about the sadistic seraph’s body. Amazingly, not only had Devin managed to fight past his arm’s abundance of agony and successfully pluck Gustav’s former feline form from Kevin’s back, but he was also finally able to erase his evil twin’s presence from earth in a most unique fashion by first rending the wings from Kevin’s flesh, then trapping the bellowing bastard in a full-nelson as Devin’s own wings had curled forth to close off all view of Rathbone’s body so as to prevent Tasha from seeing his spirit shrink into an odious emerald orb which then drifted deep into Devin’s chest, effectively sealing away the essence of his callous clone once and for all. Devin was exhausted after having driven Kevin back into his flesh, but this exhaustion would soon be trumped by exhilaration as his strangely steadier wings had carried both he and a slumbering Gustav back into Tasha’s room, wherein she would pounce playfully upon Devin’s bushed body and straddle his hardening manhood while fondling little Gustav’s ears with a contented sigh.


As Gustav wriggled from betwixt the two lovers, Tasha’s sigh had grown considerably upon the discovery of little white wings fluttering about the crafty kitten’s back. “Um, Tasha…if you don’t get off me, I won’t be able to completely fulfill my promise.” After rising from the floor and leaving a kind kiss atop Tasha’s right hand, Devin gently scooped her into his arms and turned to face the window with wings at the ready, only to be surprised as little Gustav had drifted up unto his shoulder and curled into a furry ball to join them on their journey. “So, pal, you wanna come with? The more, the merrier. Let’s go!”


With wings swaying as silently as possible, Devin leapt through Tasha’s bedroom window and glided smoothly through the skies with his beloved and their furry friend in tow, eager to abandon ANY lingering recollection of Kevin’s intrusion in their lives and start anew as husband and wife. Having gained more than enough distance from their old neighborhood, Devin quickly began searching for a suitable residence wherein he, Tasha and Gustav could be allowed to live in peace forevermore. Much to their delight, a modest mauve manor soon began appearing on a horizon nestled in the backdrop of a sleepy southern town inhabited solely by women, many of whom were naked of their own free will in order to “get back to the biblical basics,” so to speak. Despite so much firm unfettered flesh frolicking within eyeshot, Devin’s gaze remained solely on the body of his beloved Tasha for as was his whole reason for living and thought of her as exuding a beauty far greater than all the village’s other women combined.

The End

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