Devin's Dire Dilemma.Mature

Upon releasing hold of his own neck, the callous Kevin then proceeded to rise from his side of the tree, circling around to rest a foot against Devin’s throat and gradually lean forward in an attempt to split his Adam’s apple; the demented doppelganger was staggered, however, as the feel of Devin’s hand cinching tightly around his left boot had prompted Kevin to pierce the flimsy flesh of his own heart with a lone thrust of the thumb, thereby lulling the grip of Devin’s palm and allowing the coldhearted cretin to finish his deed by crushing Devin’s throat in one stomp then turning to see all injuries vanish from his own body while leaving a debilitated Devin to slump in a puddle of erstwhile balmy blood, never again to bask the grace of his fair Tasha.


Departing from his saintlier self, Kevin slowly stretched both arms outward then flexed his lean biceps, causing a pair of glossy black wings to shoot from either side of his spine before fluttering freely upon a gelid gust of wind. “Ah, yes! This is much, much better!”  Brushing an unruly crest of crimson from his left eye, a simpering Kevin then shifted his gaze skyward and became airborne as his wicked wings proceeded to slice through the zephyrs and transfer him aloft, allowing the anarchistic archangel to drift freely about the land in search of Tasha, intent on devouring her carnal curves and carving himself a permanent niche in the land of the living. “That girl’s final breath on this earth should make her flesh taste rather sweet, and with that foolish Devin out of the way I’ll FINALLY be able to roam this cesspool of a dimension without fear of repercussion! Pathetic beings that litter this land, remember my voice and quake at its roar! I am Kevin Rathbone and I am here to stay!!”


Amazingly, just as Kevin was a mere five miles into his ascent, the plot to ravish Tasha and dominate all ‘pathetic beings’ had been cut cruelly short when not one but both wings were snatched from his flesh, splaying utter shock across Rathbone’s very face as his carcass had been plucked from midair and plummeted like a round of hail before slamming unceremoniously into the left pectoral of Devin’s blood-soaked bod, breathing new life into the agonized ex-angel and expunging every drop of crimson from the underlying soil back into his veins without a hitch. With little more than a sore cough and a throbbing pang in his chest as a reminder, Devin calmly rose from the tree’s base, thrust a hand into his pocket and walked back toward Tasha’s house just in time for a gratified Gustav’s transformation to come to an end, returning his feline form and allowing his oft-oracular owner to take his rightful place at Tasha’s side for the remainder of the night.


Upon implementing the ladder to gain access to the blushing belle’s boudoir, Devin gingerly crept into bed beside Tasha, only to be shocked as her arms draped daintily about his shoulders and thrust his face against her bountiful bosom as several more, somewhat muted moans of “Devin…!” proceeded to trickle from Tasha’s lovely lips with her luscious legs reposed atop his own in a state of absolute bliss.


As Devin once again found difficulty in stealing a breath amid Tasha’s gleeful grasp, once passing glance at a grinning Gustav had provided Devin enough incentive to relax and lavish Tasha’s hips with as tender a touch as possible.  As she went on to tousle her beloved’s silken chartreuse mane and licked his lips with a lustful leer, Tasha seemed particularly starved and sought Devin’s touch in the worst possible way; unfortunately for these lascivious lovers, the callous curmudgeon Kevin sought spoil their fun by making his presence felt and slaying Devin once and for all, leaving what was thought to be no one left to stop the wroth Rathbone from achieving his longtime goal of claiming Tasha as his petite property.


As Devin and Tasha lay contentedly in each other’s arms, Kevin’s blackened right hand had burst quite suddenly from the middle of Devin’s back, embossing an agonized look upon his face as the sickening spatter of blood and excess flesh against the bedroom floor preceded a rather strident scream from Tasha and prompted little Gustav to sink his fangs deep into Kevin’s hellish hand with very little effect as the rest his blasphemous body had burst forth and separated from Devin’s own flesh with a brand new set of glossy black wings to equipoise the sadist’s scowl upon his lips and the nightmarish shade of black wrapped about his right fist with the elasticity of  boxer’s gauze which had also been kissed with a glossy sheen.


With a teary-eyed Tasha cradling the lifeless body of her beloved even closer to her chest, Kevin thought this the perfect time to seize the maiden for himself and tried to tear Devin from her grasp, only to be floored by a scintillating sucker punch from Gustav’s human form that sent the wicked Rathbone rocketing out the bedroom window with the wistful wings helping to keep him airborne. In the blink of an eye, two snow-white wings had shot from the flesh of Gustav’s shirtless spine to carry him outside and confront Kevin whose jaw surged with the pain of twelve wasp barbs at once.


Immediately after presenting a defiant middle finger, Kevin quickly turned tail and sought an escape from almost certain punishment on his own wings had those very wings not been clipped from his flesh for only the second time in his existence by the speed of Gustav’s feisty feline claws, leaving a coldhearted Kevin with the very same look of shock that preceded a return to Devin’s flesh just hours prior. Unfortunately for Devin, Tasha and [especially] Gustav, Kevin managed to use any lingering scraps of energy to propel his bloodied body forward and catch Gustav off guard by slamming headlong into his spine, fusing them into one shirtless entity with wings mottled by both white and black plumage with the glossier dark feathers forming an “X” which spread to mar the majority of snowy quills fluttering about either side of the spine.


Immediately after this baleful new being had taken shape, a new life creeping into Devin’s body had suddenly allowed his wounded back to quickly heal and tore him from Tasha’s eager embrace to gaze out at Kevin’s heinous handiwork the step silently forward, determined to end this madness and drive Kevin deep into the mouth of Hell once and for all, even at the cost of his own life. “No, Devin!” Before the reanimated ex-angel could reach the window, a teary-eyed Tasha quickly stopped him by lunging from the bed and tightly draping both arms about his waist, shaking her head in grave displeasure. “Devin, don’t! Please---Please do not do this! You are still hurt; I can see it in your face. I do not want to lose you, my love. I realize that you are strong, but you do not need to fight that monster! I want no more of your blood to be spilled, Devin! Promise me you will refrain from fighting that creature! I beg you, please promise me!”


“I wish to heaven that I could, Tasha, but that wretched bastard is my cross to bear. Kevin came from my flesh; he’s alive because of me and I need to take him down now before it’s too late.” Shaking Tasha’s arms from around his waist, Devin calmly exhaled any apprehensions and allowed a set of glossy crimson wings to sprout from his spine, spattering a few handfuls of blood upon the bedroom floor and causing him too wince and fall upon his right knee in agony.


When Tasha reached out to try and stop him, Devin quickly pushed all pain to the back of his mind then gently took her hands in his own, placed them against the brave beat of his heart and gazed deep into her elegant eyes amid shifting a momentary scowl toward Kevin as the wicked wings about his back kept him easily aloft just outside of Tasha’s boudoir.


“Tasha, I want you to listen to me very closely, okay? The very second that I get through erasing that jerk’s presence from this world, you and I are gonna elope, understand? Even though it hurts like Hell when I flap 'em, my wings are more than strong enough to allow me to carry another person as far and as fast as I please. After this, you and I are going to start a new life together and nothing is going to tear us apart. Until then, no more tears. You have beautiful eyes and the face of a goddess and I hate to see either of them marred by sadness. I, Devin Gerhardt Wraith, swear to you that I will not be felled this time around. So keep that angelic smile of yours, Tasha. Kevin Rathbone is going down and that’s a promise!!”

The End

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