From Sin to Sorrow.Mature

With fingers woven into a lustful lattice, joint hearts beating like a proud eagle’s wings and eyes transfixed on nothing but each other’s smile, Tasha and Devin’s respective loins brought them that much closer to the glory of orgasm as Tasha’s sweet slit had begun to contract around Devin’s manhood and evoke their heated hips to clash again and again until both had spilled past the point of eruption and were left to embrace one another in a state of breathless bliss that pricked Gustav’s ears then drove him to scuttle from underneath the bed and nearly trip over Tasha and Devin’s clothing before gazing up at them with a soft smile of his own and a hearty “meow!” prompting Tasha to lure her friendly feline friend up onto the bed and kindly caress his silky fur while trying her very best to shake a burgundy blush that seemed glued to the openly modest maiden’s face.


“Devin, my darling,” Tasha began as she lay her rosy right cheek against the hallowed heart of her beloved, sighing in a state of matrimonial mirth while being cradled in the arms of an equally bashful Devin. “(MMMM…He’s so warm.) I am quite blest to have met you. Your presence makes me feel so very happy and I was rather thrown by your awesome expertise concerning this first night of lovemaking, but I could never have wished for a better man with which to experience such ardent bliss than yourself. I adore you, Devin, and thank you for this most magical night. From the bottom of my thrashing heart, I thank you.”


“It is I who should be thanking you, Tasha,” Devin countered while nestling noses with his gleeful girlfriend and locking her eyes in a saintly stare as little Gustav looked on from the foot of the bed. “If you weren’t there to inundate my hollowed hope with your angelic smile, it is highly doubtful that I would even be on this planet, much less laying here beside thy comely grace. Your radiance is unmatched in this or any realm. Every conceivable aspect of your being has the power to humble even the hardest of hearts and I can fully attest to such power as my own core was once an impermeable barrier to all kind feelings. I thank you dearly for saving me from an arcane expiry and allowing my hitherto hardened heart to become revitalized and acknowledge true love anew. I thank you for being my greatest friend, for allowing me to bask in your beauty, and for just being you. Tasha, I truly love you with all my heart and soul and I hope that our love remains as strong and steady as the thrashing of our joint hearts in this most awesome union of body, mind and spirit.”


Their sex-starved souls now sated by sin, Devin and Tasha then went share a fond embrace amid the sheets as slumber gradually overtook one and washed over the second until both lovers lay snoozing with a smile, blest to be in each other’s company; this serenity would not last, however. In the midst of their snuggle, Devin was forced to separate from Tasha’s arms due to a crippling pain that started in his chest and soon spread to his arms and shoulders.


Not wanting to rouse his beloved from slumber, Devin crept cautiously from her side and left the bedding draped about her beautiful bare body before crumbling upon his knees and biting back a substantial howl as a pair of large wings – one snow-white and the other a gleaming jet-black – burst from either edge of his spine in a sickening spurt, tearing his flesh asunder while flapping back and forth to shed about five handfuls of blood from the lachrymal luster of their feathers.


Devin could barely stand and his left wing started to tremble as excess blood began cascading down his chiseled back, but one glance at the faded moon seemed to drown out all the pain and afforded Devin the strength to unwillingly depart from his dear Tasha’s boudoir while using his newfound attachments to take flight and glide effortlessly through the biting skies, leaving Tasha to lay alone in bed before little Gustav’s amazing alteration had allowed his feline frame to mimic that of Devin’s human flesh and embrace the nearly teary-eyed Tasha so as to stifle any rousing doubts about her mind.


As he gazed upon the beauty of her slumbering face, Gustav’s humanoid form could not help but regress as he proceeded to purr and lick Tasha’s lovely lips before a wayward glance at her bare bosom had caused the feline fella to grow stiff in a hurry, evoking a moan of “Devin…!” from Tasha’s parted lips that drove her to drag his face deep within her breasts as the flesh of her sweet slit had begun to flare with a lustful warmth, further compelling the melodious maiden to drape her legs tightly around Gustav’s unwavering waist, cradling his stiffness in the grasp of her luscious lily before lifting Gustav’s face from her magnificent mounds to trace his chiseled jawline with an unencumbered blush.


With his svelte surrogate keeping Tasha occupied, the real Devin continued to drift about the heavens in search of someone or something to help rid him of the multihued menace flanking his spinal skin in a frigid flutter. After nearly being plucked from midair by a few wayward stones cast from the grip of a spiteful drunkard, Devin was eventually forced earthbound and left to wander the streets with an incurable expression not seen since his initial meeting (and subsequent smooch) with the lovely Tasha.


As difficult as it may sound, Devin’s wings were actually visual manifestations of his innermost nature: the unruffled white wing assumed a rational, more exuberant role while the glossy black wing seemed to embrace the very same antisocial values that nearly drove Devin down a path of self-destruction from which [very] few unbroken spirits emerge. As he cradled both sides of his silky chartreuse mane in deep frustration with the ominous black wing fixing to flutter once more, it looked as though Devin had lost all hope of ever leaving his burden to languish.


This abysmal mindset was soon shot to hell as both wings were torn from his flesh, resulting in a startling loss of blood that left young Devin’s body to crumble upon its knees in shock as the pestilent plumage of each wing proceeded to dissipate into individual bloodstained feathers which were then scooped into a cyclonic wind and carried up into oblivion’s heart, leaving the deadpan Devin Wraith to kneel helpless amid a pool of his own blood, virtually nonexistent to the obscure urbane inhabitants in their travels along life’s winding road. 


Devin was not dead, however. While such a staggering loss of blood would most assuredly have spelled the end for a lesser human being, Devin’s body somehow pushed onward allowing him to rise of his own volition and wander for several miles before coming to an exhausted halt at the tree where he and Tasha shared that first tender kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend. Treading the fertile greenswards with an agonized sigh filtering his frown, a physically disturbed Devin soon stopped at the tree then turned to face the oncoming breeze before reposing his shredded spine of scarlet against the tree’s base with a downcast gaze that failed to mask an unstable smile creeping just along his jowl.


With Tasha’s melodious moans bathing her beloved’s mind in an attempt to soften the grin upon his lips, Devin gradually began to relax and push what discomfort he had into the very depths of his soul before being overtaken by a nightmarish surge of pain that drove him to clutch his heart just as a darker and more sadistic version of himself sporting sleek crimson locks, milky skin and violet eyes soon began to materialize on the opposing end of the tree’s base, wearing a snide simper while raking two fingers across his chiseled chest that ended up causing Devin to grasp his own torso in even greater agony.


“What’re you doing here, you sick freak?!” With the dismal doppelganger’s self-mutilation goading his mind to the point of insanity, Devin tried his damnedest to rise from the tree’s base and hurry home, but only got as far as one knee before his truculent twin had gouged both of its eyes out, essentially sapping Devin of his own sight and forcing him back onto the ground with a frown more frigid than the peak of Mt. Fuji.


“Damn you, Kevin! What the hell did you just do to me?! Why’re you even here anyway, huh?! I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about your asininity once my wings were clipped. What the hell is going on here?! Say something…!” Devin’s rhetoric of wrath was soon stifled as Kevin had applied a glacial grip to his own throat and maintained this pressure whilst Devin’s own gullet had begun to allow less and less air into his body until he was forced to black out from the ghostly garroting.

The End

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