Passion Reigns.Mature

Reluctant to disturb what appeared to be a very pleasant slumber, Devin was just about to climb down and return home when the drowsy damsel had risen quietly from her bed, stepped toward the window and lit up with joy at the sight of her dashing Devin Wraith framed in the moon’s bracing twilight. Devin, however, blushed some after taking notice of the numinous nightgown which gave full view of Tasha’s every curve as she opened the window and allowed her beloved to fall quite literally into her room, further injuring his ribs and making it that much harder to breathe. “Oh Devin!” cried Tasha as she cradled his face in her lap, shedding tears of sheer joy at the thought of him near as well as sorrow for the state of his being. “Devin, are you okay? Can I do anything for you? I will do anything to make you feel better, my darling Devin Wraith.” “Don’t worry, I’m fine…ugh!” Young Devin’s pained groan only caused more of Tasha’s tears to trickle down upon his face so he bit back all discomfort and reached into his left pocket to retrieve a handkerchief then gently dabbed the tears from Tasha’s lovely eyes before looking elsewhere to hide a steady blush. “You know you really shouldn’t be crying for me like that, Tasha. I just got in a bit of a fight, that’s all---HEY!!” “Devin, you jerk!” Miffed at his behavior, a teary-eyed Tasha cuddled Devin’s face even deeper into her breasts, causing the handkerchief to slip from his grasp and onto the spine of Gustav who then scuttled beneath the bed to give the lovers their privacy. “I was worried about you, Devin. I waited for you by our tree and when you never arrived, I – I thought that…”


Tasha’s concern was quickly quashed by Devin’s lips as a kiss seemed the only logical method to ease the mind of his fair maiden. Grateful, Tasha returned Devin’s kiss with one of her own while gently draping her arms over his shoulders and drawing his chiseled chest closer to the seductive sleepwear drifting about her firm feminine flesh. The agony infusing Devin’s midsection had forced him to end the kiss while favoring his ribs with teeth clenched and a tear in his left eye that prompted a terrified Tasha to help her beloved up into her bed and tuck him in as tears began to blur her eyes once more. “What are you crying for, Tasha…?” Before he even had the chance to continue, an unstable surge of pain had assaulted Devin’s heart, sapping him of life and leaving a deadpan frown irreparably etched on his face. Resting Wraith’s palm against her bountiful bosom, Tasha began praying her pretty little heart out for Devin’s pain to cease and allow him to savor the taste of her lips once again. With windswept silence swathing Tasha’s body in a cumbrous quilt of woe, she was soon driven to rise from Devin’s side and shut her bedroom window before returning to check on her boyfriend’s status, only to be both surprised and relieved as little Gustav lay curled atop Devin’s chest, emitting a few subtle purrs which chased the pain outward and allowed Devin’s eyes to flash open in absolute shock. “Ugh, what happened to me?” While trying to gather his bearings, Devin was drawn into a teary-eyed Tasha’s bosom after her arms tightly entrapped his skull in a state of sheer joy. “Tasha…Tasha, I can’t breathe..!” Despite being forced to release her breathless beau, Tasha maintained a contented smiled while reaching out to pet little Gustav’s ears then locking lips with a clearly staggered Devin who apparently did not seem to mind as he returned Tasha’s kiss with a great deal of enthusiasm and began lavishing the maiden’s curves through the cheery cloth of her nightgown.


Thenceforth, Tasha would linger faithfully by Devin’s side upon the bed and vice-versa as little Gustav lay snoozing beneath them. His tender palm gradually roving the curve of Tasha’s heavenly hips, Devin began to lick his lips in anticipation – though this eagerness quickly turned to surprise as Tasha proceeded to roll atop Devin, thereby allowing the peak of his insatiable stiffness to jostle the petals of Tasha’s womanly flower and evoke a tender moan of “More...” to breach the blushing beauty’s lips before sitting up to shimmy off her panties, tuck a few strands of hair behind her left ear and grind her very hips against his manhood while bestowing a seductive stare unto her beloved so as to further fuse their souls into one single entity of unbridled ecstasy. With their fine feline friend Gustav locked in a peaceful slumber mere inches below, Tasha and Devin sweetly succumbed to their desires and made passionate love all through the night, implementing a few positions which both deemed suitable to enhance their inaugural act of carnal bliss in anticipation of a scintillating climax that seemed literally within reach.

The End

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