The Wandering Wraith.Mature

The following morning, Tasha set out for the shady tree wearing her finest sky-blue dress and carrying a basket of food for her next picnic with Devin as well as a downy blanket for the two to “relax” on should another kiss result in the eager adolescents’ desires getting the better of them. Setting down beneath the swaying shadows, Tasha began to giggle as she awaited Devin’s arrival, but this joviality soon began to wane as Devin had yet to appear. Hopeful, Tasha remained beneath the tree – albeit with a smaller smile – and waited patiently for her dear Devin to show up. When still no sign of him could be detected, a troubled Tasha eventually gave up and began partaking of the basket’s bounty on the verge of tears.


Tasha’s downcast eyes soon grew bright as the sun upon hearing footsteps which she assumed to be Devin’s but were actually those of a fluffy white cat wandering through the park. This cat had a small note dangling from its neck which quickly struck Tasha as odd and drove her to lure the feline close enough to seize the message. Upon doing so, Tasha gently unfurled the piece of paper and her formerly fractured heart began to melt as she read the profound words penned by the steady hand of her debonair Devin. “You’re an awesome girl, Tasha. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to meet you today, but I hope my little friend Gustav kept the smile on that pretty face of yours. I love you very much, Tasha, and I’m pretty darn sure Gustav feels the same way. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Take care until then, all right? Much love, Devin Wraith.” With little kitty Gustav now nuzzling her leg, Tasha no longer felt sadness in her heart and giggled merrily at Gustav’s long meow as he crawled up into her lap for a light slumber, purring ever so smoothly as Tasha’s fingers passed through his silky fur in the kindest manner.


Gladdened by the presence of her new feline friend, Tasha went on to rest quite peacefully beneath the pendulous leaves before her father’s shout had snapped her back to life and compelled the lively lass to gather everything before heading home, leaving an apple behind in haste. Upon arriving at the front door, Tasha was greeted by her slightly miffed father who forcibly yanked her inside the house and slammed the door shut before ordering her to her room with little Gustav slinking slyly at her heels. Closing her boudoir’s door behind her, Tasha then sashayed over to her closet and began to undress with a slight blush conjured by the presence of her vigilant kitty companion who quickly scurried beneath her bed and peeked his head out every now and again. Having removed all clothing to reveal every subtle curve of her goddess-like frame, Tasha happily donned her favorite puce nightgown before crouching down to lure Gustav from underneath the bed then cradle his fluffy being against her supple breasts prior to Tasha’s laying atop the mattress and drifting off into a deep slumber peppered by infrequent moans of “Devin..!” as tears began to flow from her elegant eyes. Gustav tried his best to chase away Tasha’s tears with a gentle pat of the paw while outside, Devin was carefully climbing the ladder up to Tasha’s bedroom, favoring injured ribs with every rung he scaled. Upon finally reaching the window, Devin knocked twice and signaled for Gustav to awaken Tasha with a loud purr and a lingering lick on the cheek, causing Tasha (who still dreamt it was Devin in the bed beside her) to cuddle Gustav even closer to her bosom as moans for her darling’s touch had grown ever greater.

The End

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