Broken Wings, Unbroken Spirits: Plight of a Fallen Angel.Mature

A boy's sinister secret threatens to steal the heart of the girl he loves so dearly, but the nightmare lurking just beneath the surface quickly comes to find its darkest of desires fizzled by the light of true love.

A boy named Devin, age 18, and a girl named Tasha, age 19, exchange glances of mild interest as they roam different sides of a sleepy neighborhood street in search of a shady tree to escape from the hellish summer heat. Young Devin arrives first and picks a side of the tree then sits cross-legged upon the grass with his chin nestled in his left hand and an introspective gleam in his faded teal eyes. Tasha appears a few moments later, a blanket draped over her left arm and a small basket clutched in her right palm, to find the dour Devin sitting all by his lonesome. Setting the blanket and basket side by side, Tasha stepped forth to better ascertain Devin’s emotional state, only to be halted by an aggravated sigh from the forlorn fellow’s lips as he turned to meet her concerned gaze with an eerie expression that seemed to scream “Help me.” Tasha, eager to aid her new friend, stepped away to bring the basket Devin’s way and set it between them with a cherubic smile that only seemed to make Devin grow more depressed.


“You look kind of hungry,” said Tasha as she opened the basket’s north side to allow her friend full view of many delicious sandwiches and fresh fruit to choose from. “Please, eat. I have more than enough food for the both of us.” After glancing at the open basket then toward Tasha’s angelic face framed by smooth auburn locks, Devin reached in to retrieve a turkey sandwich and an apple with a grateful grin splayed across his lips. Tasha picked the same and snuggled closer to Devin’s side, causing the erstwhile unhappy boy to blush and nearly choke on a third bite of his sandwich. Tasha giggled at her friend’s shyness, but soon found herself blushing after Devin snuck a kiss from her right cheek and flashed a smug simper that was almost immediately expunged when Tasha tackled him onto the grass, tucking some hair behind her right ear and gazing deep into his eyes without a word. With hearts thrashing faster than a hummingbird’s wing, Tasha and Devin’s lips gradually inched closer and closer with their respective faces growing constantly redder before ultimately culminating in a long, soulful smooch wherein Devin slyly shifted his body atop Tasha’s own and deepened the kiss while Tasha draped her arms about his shoulders, pulling him ever closer to her voluptuous virgin flesh.


Neither wanted the bliss to end but once night fell and their parents’ calls rang out, both Devin and Tasha were forced to discontinue their osculation before it progressed any further. Upon sealing their secret with one final kiss, Tasha quickly gathered her things and headed for home, giggling every step the way; Devin stayed behind and sat beneath the tree for a little while longer before finally returning home with a goofy grin and thoughts of their day together still fresh in his head. That very same night as the lovers lay lifeless in their respective beds, both Devin and Tasha had shared a dream of marriage that found each muttering “I do” before waking to find their joint hearts aflutter, their faces quite flushed and their lips still warm from the day’s kindly kiss.

The End

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