Jack FlashMature

I'm not entirely sure yet , just had an idea floating around and I wanted to do something with it. Feel free to write pages :D

"What was it like out there Jack?" the voice of a young boy whispered into the darkness.


It was a small room with two beds, each with two drawers underneath for storing clothes. There was one window as well, but nothing to be gazed upon other than dense forest, especially then, in the middle of the night.

"Out where?" Jack, -the eldest of 2 siblings- replied impatiently.

"Shut up Jack you know where!" 

"Leave me alone, it's nothing, you're too young anyway David. You'll have nightmares"

"You jerk.." David gave up on pestering Jack and soon fell asleep.


Jack was grinning, he couldn't help it. That was the third time that Jack had run away from home, and he managed to get quite farther than he had on his previous attempts. His life wasn't really so bad, he just wanted to be somebody and this farm was no place to start. He had to get to the big city, and he knew there must be a city somewhere beyond these miles and miles of trees.


David was mumbling something in the midst of a dream, or a nightmare perhaps.


Jack lay awake for most of the night, he could not stop thinking about the strange house in the woods, the way he was drawn to it, and how he could not stop smiling when he saw it or even when he thought about it now. He wondered who -or what would be inside, but when he was just 10 feet from the front door, his father appeared, he was livid and dragged Jack home by his shirt-collar, all the while shouting about how his mother was so worried. Jack didn't care in the least, he was 13 years old, practically a grown man, and he had the RIGHT to do whatever he wanted.

The End

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