Broken Shells

A mysterious man lives by himself on a lake in an old country township. He is different from the people that live in that township and is not very well known because of this. He runs into obsticles that force him into braking his shell.

It was a warm Thursday night. The moon lit up the sky, casting its shadow upon the houses of Lakewood town. There was a sense of pleasure in the air, as the towns people packed up what was left of the fair they had put on. Pumpkins sat in solitude, watching the leaves blowing in the wind.
“I think we had a very productive year this year! Was one of the biggest yields I’ve ever had!” a local farmer bellowed to the other farmers surrounding him. Some smiled, some ignored him and some sent a dirty look his way.
“Hopefully by this time next year we will have enough money to expand the town” the mayor triumphed in his mid-western drawl. Everyone nodded and mumbled in agreement.

Through the trees of the show grounds you could see the water from the lake glistening. Shades of dark and light blue, with a hint of purple mixed together to produce the captivating colours of the lake. There were few people that lived on the lake, as most thought it too cold with the water and shading from the trees, although one house stood out from the rest. This particular house was made completely of glass, the only house in Lakewood of its kind. Only few knew who really lived there, and no one dared to ever go near the house. It was based directly on the lake, cut off from the world. One small path was all that allowed people in and out, which was satisfying for its tenant as he didn’t have use for a car.

The mysterious man had lived there for no more than 10 years. Over the 10 years barely anyone had seen him until now. He would go out during the night to buy a small amount of items that could last him for months. People speculated that he grew his own food, but no one was sure. He was known to the supermarket manager, who never looked him in the eye when he entered his shop, late at night. He looked different from the others in the town. Most were either fat or bald, or had minimal muscles with splotchy red faces from working in the sun all day. Nearly every farmer had a wife by their side to cook and clean, as the town had done traditionally for years. But this mysterious man was tall and strong. Olive skinned with a body that anyone would guess he had worked out his whole life, which indeed he had. Dark brown hair sits in curls upon his head. His sharp jawline makes it hard for people to determine what emotion is being displayed, part of the reason many people avoid eye contact. He lives alone in his glass house, apart from maybe a pet dog that had been seen across the lake from local teenager’s skinny dipping late at night. He liked his lifestyle, very much.

“Sterup! Where are you? Do you want breakfast or shall I eat it for you?” Damon Yelled from the kitchen. Sterup came running in, braking at a speed that sent him sliding into the wooden cabinet. He shook himself and ran to meet his master by his bowl.
“Good boy! I’m going out today, so you will need to guard the house for me.” The dog gazed up to his master, licking the jelly meat off of his face. Damon grabbed his bag and jogged out the door. He’d done his stretches earlier and was about to set off on a 4 hour hike through a nearby mountain. He began running through the trees, step by step, avoiding the giant decomposing logs and fungi. He’d been running for around an hour when something caught his sight and caused him to stop. He dropped to the ground observing a lost hiker. He knew as soon as he saw her and her perfume seeped into his nose that she wasn’t from around here. He breathed in the fresh air, swallowing each mouthful.

“Oh I have already been past this tree 3 times already!” She had a posh British accent that made Damon realise she was a tourist. She was looking around frantically, trying to work out where she should go next when a grizzly bear appeared from behind a large rock. She let out a yelp in fear and began to panic. Damon instinctively jumped out from behind the log he was hiding behind. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to his side.
“DON’T MOVE” he whispered very slowly and clearly. She glared at this strange man she had never met before and yet somehow she felt comfortable by his side. She felt safe. The grizzly growled so loud all the birds in the trees flew away in a panic. He stood on this hind legs throwing his arms in the air and shaking his head…












The End

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