Broken Self-Sufficiency

Many people wander the earth looking for their "purpose"in life. They search for so long but the answer is so simple. CHRIST!:

He is your only way. GOD said "No man commeth unto me except through my son Jesus Christ and no other way" Our purpose is to spread HIS word and bring others to his GLORY. In order to fully understand HIS purpose we need to understand the "flesh", and how to overcome it. In order to accept ETERNAL LIFE we need to rely fully and wholeheartedly upon HIM. In order to do this you need to understand the "flesh", our self dependancy and how to overcome it.

The flesh refers to our natural instinct to depend on ourselves and no one else. What's harder still is our ability to depend on someone we cannot visually see with our eyes. God wants us to be wholly devoted to HIM and the only way for HIM to help us overcome our flesh-like ways is to bring us to a place and point of brokenness. At this point is where HE humbles us by using means of putting impossible situations upon us,but only to the point where we cannot take it anymore. The point which we realize we can not do things on our own and take matters into our own hands, therefore we are so broken and humbled by the burdens which are on our backs that we come to realize that HE is our only hope and the sole provider of our happiness. Once we realize this we turn to GOD and give HIM our burdens to take care of.

Since we as humans are indulged in our self-reliant ways we tend to turn to GOD only when we realize we need HIM. HIS intention is to help us realize that we ALWAYS need HIM and also that anything is possible through HIM and no other way. The process of humbling us is a long and hard trial, and at most times we seem hopeless and depressed, at times we feel like giving up and hiding our face from the world, but at that time is when we need to realize that we need the LORD the most, and whatever we go through we need to keep in mind that it is all a part of GOD's plan for us and humbling us so that we may live forever in HIS grace. Once we have been humbled the LORD uses us as an instrument to spread HIS word and to help others realize his GLORY, and in turn adding more soldiors to HIS army of heaven.

Once we receive HIS gift we should realize that instead of being shy and being ashamed of being a Christian we need to do anything and everything in our power(which GOD gave us so it's use it) to tell others of HIS kingdom to come and do so with pride and happiness. Alot of people pay too much attention to this world's hindrances and end up shying out of their duties as a Christian, fearing they will not be "cool", or "in with the crowd", but as Christians we need to step up to the plate and spread the LORD's word. If only HIS word spread as fast as crime and other UN-lawful earthly activities then the entire world would be giving HIM thanks right now. The LORD says we can not force HIS word upon anyone, we can only tell of HIS miracles, and HIS gift of eternal life is ,well, a gift , and if people don't want to except his free gift then we can not force it upon them, but they are missing out on an eternity of life with our FATHER , and instead they choose to live this temporary life of the flesh which is very soon to dissipate.( It is already corrupt).

As Christians it is hard to convert non-believers (not against their will but willingly) to Christianity since we are a minority in population compared to the thousands of other false created religions all over the world. All of the non-believers will always have all kinds of logics and arguement against our teachings and it is our job to have the right knowledge at hand to disprove their beliefs which are sadly distorted. If we can save even one person by teaching of the LORD then we've done our job, so don't stop at one but instead never stop teaching of the LORDS glory, because the LORD wants all of HIS children to be re-united in HIS kingdom and we need to send the message out to all of HIS lost ones, so that they can go to HIM as they are. So soldiors Move Out!

The End

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