Broken Robot

Can you really be as judgemental as to say she's a depthLess spoiled air head because california is the place she calls home?
Everybody knows that every state, city, suburb, has its own caste system. Why is it that one place ( Jersey as well but the social media caught them in thei natural habitat...) other people are so quick to bring up the stereotypical BS ..l.. And in doing so show their immediate whole hearted JEALOUSY of the person and the fact that they know they will be chi

Ive never actually been their...despite my tellings of its magic since I was a 6-7 year old pathological embellisher that refused to let any one else experience more traveling, theme parks, or fun as me.....besides we had to share during our show n tell... Was I really gonna say I spent the vast majority of 2 days in my tree writing reports about foreign sports and wild animals that I found on my encarta floppy that day. No . Never. I went to Disney land. Beat the olsen twins at soccer and didn't get to sleep until I was back on my daddy's plane.
The End

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