An elation

An emotion

A spark of light

A shining star

A twinkling in the dark


I know more than I ever thought

When you held out your hand

But I could not accept it

For reasons you don't understand


Although there is a bind here

Confusion reins eternal

 Turmult and Exhaustion

For one simple thing


"Be happy"

For which we strive

Wondering aimlessly through the fields

Miles high

With hearts throbbing in the air

Pulling strings like puppets


I look at you and wonder

Although the floor is yours

To make a move

In any direction

I know that I have unconsiously made mine


As clear as the truth is

As easy as it seems

Complications may arise

And rip it seam from seam


A pledge is only words

And though I cannot say

What you know, and what you feel

I will watch from a distance away


A guidance in the dark

Like a star, like a lantern

You can turn wherever

And I may wonder far


But never will I leave

The side to which I heel

You were right about more than you know

I can't even explain how I feel


For one thing we all strive for

Be happy.

The End

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