The right decisionMature

 I heard sobbing and I looked over to see Devyn crying hard into Veronica's shoulders soaking her with tears, we were back in the house as I must have been carried here. My aunt ran her hand through Devyn's hair and whispered softly to him. She then noticed I was awake and I could see the pain in her eyes.

 "Your mother she..." She let out a small sob and her eyes overflowed with tears, "Alex killed her when she tried to get a divorce with him." I was in shock and I felt pain run through my chest. She was dead?

 "W-what?!" I asked shocked, "You- your joking right?" She shook her head and I looked down. All these years I'd wished that she was dead but now... There was no way to describe the feeling of pure agony I felt inside of myself at that moment. I ran into the bathroom and began to vomit into the toilet as the tears escaped from my eyes like waterfalls. I was officially an orphan now.

 "I know how you feel," I felt Lacey's hands on my back as I continued to cry, "I remember when Taylor died, he was like a second father to me." I wiped my mouth onto my sleeve and began to sob into her arms. She ran her hands through my hair and whispered to me softly. I felt my father's presence there as well but I couldn't see or hear him. It somewhat reassured me, but that entire day all I could do was cry.

 The funeral was short as not many people showed up for it. I stood up there sobbing with my family and received hugs and flowers from the people who did show up. I was still too upset for words to describe, even the news that Alex was being sent to jail for life didn't comfort me. I finally moved over to my mother's casket and looked down on her. She looked peaceful and I finally decided on something I had been thinking about for a very long time.

 "I forgive you, for everything." I said, taking the white rose my father had given to me and I laid it on her chest. Devyn came over thought for a very short moment and did the same. We then returned back to our spots and after what seemed like an eternity the funeral was taken to the graveyard. She was buried right next to my father and as she was lowered into the ground I felt a hand on my shoulder.

 "... I guess it's just the both of us now," Devyn spoke with a slight bit of anxiety in his voice, "But I know we'll make it." I nodded he already had a part time job so we could buy food and Uncle Sean said that he would work it out so that he could pay the bills. I felt him pull a bit closer to me and give me a hug I returned it and realized we wouldn't have to deal with Alex anymore.

 The tears I felt now were no longer of pain but of joy.

The End

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