How he loves usMature

 Days had passed since the meeting with my father. The paparazzi were swarming Devyn and I when they'd heard about Devyn's healing, we answered none of their questions and I usually just stayed at the house and just thought over all that had happened and what Dad had spoken about. Was it really right to forgive my mother after everything she and Alex had done? I was contemplating this one saturday night when Lacey walked into the guest room.

 "Look I know you may get angry at me for this but," She said, "But I want you and Devyn to come with me to church tomorrow."  My heart almost stopped as she spoke. Why would I want to go to their church? The last time I had gone was a few years ago, then I stopped practicing christianity because of rumors going around about me and Devyn in the church. Then again the only reason I went was because of friends because I thought there wasn't a god because of my situation. I thought if there was one he would have stopped all of the abuse.

 "Why would I want to," I asked looking her in the eyes, "After everything they've done to me how can you expect me to go back to them? And besides how can you expect me to believe in a god after everything that's happened to me..."

 "It doesn't matter if you believe," She said showing the slightest bit of irritation, "Devyn already agreed to go I just want you to come with me to support me when I sing really." I looked over at her and there was this pleading look in her eyes and I finally gave in.

 "Okay I'll go," I said, "But don't expect me to act too friendly towards everyone." She nodded and left me to my thoughts and my sleep.

 The next day we walked into the church and I kept my head down as I felt all the eyes in the room staring at me as I slid into the last row. The rest of Lacey's family slid in next to me Jason and Devyn were on both sides which reassured me. The worship began and it was somewhat underwhelming and as it ended there were announcements about all the ministries, and I just sat there and listened bored half to death.

 But then he started the message and he started to talk about family's he'd worked with and about the disfunction in them, and about how all the kids felt was pain as they had to struggle with all of this. Every time he said pain and mentioned the kids my heart felt it was being ripped out and then put back in.

 "These children grow up with so much pain and hurt," He spoke and he started pointing to the adults, "And we belittle them. We say that they'll know what it's like to hurt when they get older but you do not know what they go through everyday and how much it hurts!" The adults started to look either angry or guilty at what he'd said.

 "How is that love?" He asked as he glared at the adults, "That they come to us for help and guidance and we just push them away because we don't care, and we think they're too young to understand." I felt something inside we stir and I felt weird, like there was something that was trying to get my attention. I bent down feeling a bit sick as Lacey went up with Matt who was holding a guitar.

 "Jesus loves everyone of you in this room, no matter how old you are and no matter what you've done," He said and Lacey began to sing and I felt even worse as a tear fell off my face, "He wants to take this pain away from you because he died for you and he didn't intend for you to live like this." I heard the words Lacey was singing.

 It was about real love, about how God doesn't care what you've done and that he will always love you. I felt myself almost begin to sob and I asked myself why? Why are you so torn up over something you don't believe in? I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up and for just a minute, the hand belonged to someone who looked exactly like Jesus then turned back into my father.

 "He sent me and he loves you and he's tired of watching you cry yourself to sleep every night," He spoke and somehow I knew no one could see or hear him except me, "He wants to take this from  you, please I love you as well, let him heal you!" I looked down again and a verse from the bible popped into my head, The sinner's prayer.

 As I spoke it out of the corner of my eyes I saw Devyn going up and speaking to the pastor and then bowing his head. I had a feeling of peace and saw my father's eyes tear over with joy and he hugged me tight. He smiled releasing me from his warm embrace and his body disappeared and as he left I heard another voice in my head, one that wasn't his but somehow I knew who it was.

 "Your justice will come," It spoke, "And you shall know how much I love you."I felt chills run down my spine as I fell down unconcious from the overflow of power I felt coursing through my body. As my mind slipped away the last thing I remember was hearing Lacey's voice singing about how much he loves us.

 I looked around confused I was not in the church for some reason, I didn't know where I was all I could see was white everywhere. I looked behind me and I saw a man hooded in a pure white robe his face unseen.

 "I love you more than everything, and I will make sure you are avenged for the injustices you've suffered," He spoke and I was amazed by just how passionate he sounded, "Now go there are things you need to do."

 With that I awoke to utter chaos.


The End

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