Forgiveness not pardonMature

 My mother was still in shock from simply seeing my father alive, which I couldn't blame her for. Dad's wintry glare held no emotion. Alex took a step towards mom as a full on blizzard shown in my father's eyes. He continued to bore into my mother, with those eyes that made me shudder and want to hide somewhere warm.

 "There is no way I will let this continue," My father spoke, his voice so full of hurt and sadness I almost felt the chills ripple up and down my spine, "After everything I did, that we did, you would pull something like this Rachel? And the fact that you hurt your own flesh and blood... I can't believe this."

 "I-I'm sorry Taylor I really am." She spoke softly, and let the sobs she'd been holding back all of these years finally pour out as she tried to move towards Dad when she was tripped by Alex, who Lacey had against the wall with a knife to his neck so fast I couldn't see her do it.

  "Let me  make something very clear," She hissed, and her voice was so menacing it put Alex to shame when he was at his angriest, "If you touch anyone in my family ever again, I will personally make sure every drop of blood in your body drains in the most painful and horrific way possible." For once, I saw a look of pure fear in Alex's eyes that reminded me of myself whenever he was beating on me.

 "Are we clear?" Lacey asked as I saw Mom slowly climb to her feet after being   thrown on the floor essentially. Alex nodded slowly and Lacey pushed him towards the door, "Now get out of here before I decide to get rid of you." Alex was out the door in an instant and mom was on her feet finally and now full on bawling.

 "Please I'm sorry Taylor! I never wanted this to happen," She said, the aggression in her voice now gone and replaced with utter grief, her was once cold heart was now a piece of glass, shattered on the floor for everyone to see, "Please tell me you can forgive me, I'm sorry for everything I've done."

 "I already have," My dad said the slightest hint of love in his voice, though it immediately dissapeared, "But in no way or form do I pardon this, and I hope Devyn and Cole don't pardon it either," He looked over at us, "But they have far more of a reason not to pardon this than I do." 

 "I-I don't know," Devyn said looking from mom to dad, "If I should forgive her."

 "He's right, she let so much happen to us," I agreed looking at my dad, "And yet you want us to forgive her? As if it never happened in the first place?"

 "Forgiveness is the only real way to have closure and peace," My father spoke his eyes now boring straight through my body, "It is an attitude, pardon is an action and I don't expect you to pardon it right now." I nodded and looked down trying to decide what to do, when at last I came to my decision.

 "Mom what you did... it hurts a lot," I spoke looking into her eyes, "I will forgive you... but not now I-I just can't right now." I spoke and my mom just nodded, finally understanding how bad I hurt inside. I looked over to Devyn and his head hung low as he spoke.

"I love you mom I really do but I just can't forgive you right now, I just- I just need some time." He spoke and I saw mom's heart break at Devyn's words.

 "... I can understand that you need time," My father said, "But please the longer you let those emotions of pain eat away at you, and the longer it will hurt." We both nodded and Dad turned back to his former love.

 "Rachel don't go back to Alex or you will not live, believe me," My father said looking very grim, "I love you to enough to tell you this because I don't want you to die, or for the boys to lose both parents." I was amazed by just how much passion was now in his voice.

 "I won't, I don't want to hurt them anymore than I already have," She said and she looked down, "And I don't want to keep hurting you even more than you already are hurting." My dad smiled, then leaned in and kissed her softly and let go.

 "I need to go, but I want to give you boys something before I leave," He said and I felt something being softly pressed into my hands, I looked down to see a blue rose than was beyond the point of beauty, "That's the only natural blue rose in existence, it will never wither or die and it can't be destroyed." I looked at it and for just a fraction of a second I thought I felt it smile back, almost as if... it were alive...

 "The blue rose is a symbol for something impossible," He paused as he began to fade out of site, "Just like what our meeting was." He looked at all of us and sighed as he disappeared. "I love both of you with all my heart, and I'm glad we finally got to meet." 

  With that he was gone only leaving the blue rose, and the words of love and reassurance he had spoken to all of us.


The End

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