The Father's LoveMature

 I was still up at 7:00 am when Jason woke up and received a text message on his phone. I looked over as he read it softly and I saw him stop dead for a moment. He looked over at me in shock and began to speak.

 "Dad told your mother about Devyn, so she and Alex are coming over in 2 hours," He said and my entire world went from bad to worse, "Lacey's fuming about it and she's coming over to make sure that nothing happens." I nodded still numb from last night when I heard a voice next to me.

 "I don't want my mom or Alex anywhere near me." Devyn croaked from his bed sounding horrible and he looked even worse. He looked like he was about to puke, was bruised all over and had quite a large amount of dried blood on him.

 "How are you feeling?" I asked frantically as I got up and stood over him.

 "I fell twenty feet off a cliff pretty much," He said sarcastically, "So yeah I kind of feel like shit right now." He laughed softly as a tear escaped my eye. "Don't worry I'll live." He said and then ruffled my hair gently, and I smiled just a little bit. But somewhere deep down I knew he was lying. That's when I heard the door open and saw Lacey walk in looking enraged to no end.

 "I can't believe dad..." She muttered as she approached us,"Even if she is your mother, after what she said last night she doesn't deserve to be anywhere near you, or for that fact be related to you." Devyn nodded, looked away and Lacey motioned for me to come with her out of the room.

 "Look I know Rachel will have Alex with her so I brought some things up to make sure there are no incidents." She said and then patted her pocket showing the bulge of a knife, a colossal knife at that.

 "Uh how did you get that in here," I asked, she just gave me this look that made me remember she had a hidden weapon's permit.

 "Um thanks? I guess?" I said a little nervously and she just nodded. I felt one of the nurses pass behind me and saw her go into the room with a tray of food, after she had put it to where Devyn could reach it she left mumbling about how she needed to check on another patient.

 "Come on, let's go spend some time with your brother before your mom and Alex get here," She said moving towards the room then she paused, "My parents are going to pick up Jason later, mom's going to take him home and dad will stay for a little bit." I nodded again as we stepped into the room where my brother was retching over the oatmeal and I let out a small, forced laugh as Lacey had to put about a pound of sugar on it just so he would eat.

 We were in the middle of a discussion on why Devyn had fought Butch when my Mom and Alex came in. As soon as they walked in Jason and Lacey gave Alex a glare as mom began to speak.

 "You both should've come home last night, maybe then you wouldn't have ended up in the hospital." She said giving Devyn this snobbish glare as she continued, "What were you thinking? Picking a fight with Butch!" She said and Alex nodded as if he actually gave crap about our well being.

 "We would've just ended up in the hospital anyway," Devyn said glaring back at her, "We both know you won't stop Alex from beating us." Alex got a look of anger in his eyes and took a step forward when mom held him back.

 "You're right I wouldn't," She said and then there was a sudden look of pain in her eyes, "But I had good reason to-"

 "Oh so there's a good reason for you let Alex beat up on the last pieces of Taylor we'll ever have?" Lacey said coldly giving my mother a glare as my mom continued.

 "Will you please come home? I really miss you." She said it sincerely and opened her mouth to say more when Alex interrupted her.

 "WHAT?" He said in utter disbelief, he took mom's hands and looked her in the eyes, "Rachel please think for a minute!" He said and Devyn clenched his fists.

 "Rachel you can't have both those boys and me," He said and a fake tear fell off his face, "Remember all those good times we've had we can have those forever all you have to do is choose me over them." Lacey's jaw dropped at those words and Jason looked like he was about to puke from the sick words he had just heard.

"Mom please," I said in a somewhat begging voice, "Please, he's lying, I'm tired of living like this please!"

 Mom stopped for a minute to think and then she looked him in the eyes and smiled, "Baby I'll always choose you, you pay my bills and you've done everything for me," My heart broke as I heard at those words and I saw Devyn shed a few tears in anger. "It's time for me to be happy for once in my life, so that means no more boys, just you and me, together forever." Mom said as she shot us a look. She then kissed Alex passionately as I put my head in my hands and sobbed.

  I had just lost both of my parents. There is absolutely no way to describe the hell that I was going through right now, other than the word itself, Hell.

 "I should've never trusted you with my sons." A voice said, and mom whirled around to see someone who looked exactly like Devyn but older, standing in the doorway wearing a camouflage army uniform. When she saw him she pushed away from Alex, and stared in shock at the person who was glaring at her with these blue eyes that could almost see right through your soul.

 "T-Taylor how-" She said stuttering as the man walked past her not even glancing at her or Alex. Lacey's mouth was gaping in amazement and Jason took one look and stumbled out of the room in confusion.

 "How I'm here doesn't matter," He said looking from me to Devyn, "It's why I'm here that matters." He looked at me and he stirred up old memories of when I was a baby, only a few days old. Images of a casket, a white rose and the man I was looking at was in the casket dead.

 "You- you're my father aren't you?" I asked and he nodded, I immediately embraced him and began to bawl like a baby. I felt his hand run through my hair as he let me cry out everything that had ever hurt me, and for the first time I felt safety in my father's arms.

 "This is the first time we've ever even been able to see each other," He whispered, "I'm sorry I had to leave you." I let go after 5 minutes of sobbing and he was completely soaked as he turned to Devyn.

 "I want to thank you," He said and came next to my brother and embraced him, "For taking care of your brother since I couldn't." Devyn let out a sob and hugged him tight. My father then rose up and finally turned to Alex and my mother who were still in complete shock.

 "So this is the one who's caused so much pain for my sons," He said his eyes freezingly cold as he glared at Alex, "Well unlike Rachel I don't stand for things like that." Alex looked pissed off as he strutted towards my dad, who just glared at him so coldly I expected Alex to turn into a popsicle.

 "Yeah I'm REALLY scared of you." Alex said sarcastically as he glared back at my father. That's when I felt a sudden surge of energy go through my dad and his eyes went from icy to fiery in less than a millisecond. Alex stared at dad for a minute, frozen and transfixed, then he backed away from my father, he started to stutter and look scared as my dad spoke again.

"You shouldn't be," My dad said, "You should be scared of the one who sent me." He walked a step closer and then gave him a look I couldn't read.

 "Because my anger doesn't come anywhere close to the fury he is showing over what you've done." He finished with Alex and turned to mom.

 "He's furious with you too, but I have nothing to say to you right now." He said and then turned to Lacey.

 "It's good to see you again Lacey, I have something for you." He said and from one of his pockets he pulled out a single white rose that was more pure looking than snow. That's when I remembered the dove and the silouhette I'd seen in the forest.

 "That was you wasn't it?" I asked, "The dove and that shadow I saw in that forest that gave Devyn and I those white roses?" He smiled slightly and nodded.

 "I wanted to watch over you, and those roses resemble your innocence and purity," He said, "There's a myth that white roses were the original color but blood was shed and they turned red." He looked at both of us.

 "But you two are still pure after everything, you didin't let this man take awayyour identity," He smiled and let a tear slide away from his eyes, "That's why I am glad to have you as my sons." Devyn and I were both touched when uncle Sean came in, and when he saw my father he just stopped and stared. My father turned to him and gave him a deep hug, which Sean took without hesitation.

 "It's really you." Sean said as he let go of my dad, who smiled.

 "Yes it is and I wanted to thank you for taking in my sons," He said with a big smile, "I'm sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye before."

 "It's fine but..." Sean looked down in sadness," What I came up here for it- it's about Devyn." He said and the room went silent. "They said he broke a vertebrae  and... he won't ever be able to walk again." My heart broke and I saw Devyn look hurt beyond anything I'd ever seen, he was going to cry his eyes out when my father walked over, completely unfazed by this.

 "That's what doctors say," He said as a blue rose appeared in his hands, "The one who sent me has better plans for you Devyn." I watched in amazement as every single bruise, cut, and scrape on Devyn disappeared. Devyn shook slightly as he stared at my father who gave him a hug and then turned to me and let the rose touch me and I felt all the pain drain away from me as well.

 "Now then," He said and turned to my mother, "We need to have a talk while I'm here."




The End

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