Accidents HappenMature

 Lacey and I waited for Devyn to get home for about two hours before we started to get worried. I started pacing, Lacey started texting and calling him which didn't help because there was no answer.

 "We need to go look for him this doesn't," I tried to find the words I needed to say, "This isn't like him" Lacey nodded, got the car keys and we began to search for him. We searched up and down streets when we finally saw a silhoutte sitting in a tree in the park. Lacey stopped the car and we approached him. He looked up and his eyes red and puffy with tear stains on his cheeks. He just looked at me and sighed not moving as I came closer.

 "Are you ok?" I asked climbing up the tree and then sitting next to him on the branch we were on. I regretted this as I knew the true answer, I just han't known what to say.

 "No... I'm not mom hates me and I found out the truth about my dad, so no I'm not ok." He said looking down again,"I won't be okay for a very, very long time."

 "I understand how you feel, I- I mean about dad." I said feeling a knot form in my chest as I spoke.

 "Yeah but you don't understand the rest of it," He said looking over at me with raw pain in his eyes, "Of having to be beaten by both Alex and mom, physically and emotionally, just for who you look like, having to deal with your brother who's the only one you have being beaten, and having to take care of him through it all."

"Then being called a mistake by your own mother." He said as his voice cracked and he lowered his head. That's when I realized he was right. My mom and Alex had never done shit for me, they just brought home the food while Devyn cooked it, and cleaned everything up and then had to be beaten for no reason.

 "I-I'm sorry," I said apologetically, " I'm so, so sorry. I didn't realize how hard you had it, I just..." Before I could finish Devyn stopped me with a hug and I felt warm tears on my T- Shirt. I gave him a hug back and he began to make his way out of the tree.

 "Let's go, I don't feel like sleeping in a tree all night." He said and I followed him down when I heard a few snickers. Butch the meat head came towards us with some of his cronies. What he was doing out here at this time of night... I didn't even want to know, Lacey joined us as we headed for the car, rolling her eyes at Butch as he got in front of us.

 "Well, well, look who it is? pretty boy and smart mouth in the flesh," He came right up in Devyn's face, "Isn't it past your bed time?." Devyn moved past him when Butch grabbed him and yanked him backwards. "I asked you a question and I expect a polite answer." He growled under his voice as Lacey and I tried to make it past the throng of grunts now encircling him.

 "Go to hell." Devyn replied back, and Butch threw him to the ground as his grunts turned around and held both Lacey and I back as we struggled to get to my brother.

 "I don't even know why I bother with you, you're a piece of trash, I bet you're the result of a broken condom!" He said and as he opened his mouth to say more Devyn essentially shoved his fist in it, and the two began to wrestle towards a small stone balcony that overlooked a meadow. Lacey thrashed at one of the goons and I managed to get through just as Devyn was pushed over the balcony by Butch and fell 20 feet down. 

 I screamed and ran towards my brother when Butch pulled a knife out and tried to grab at me when Lacey pushed him away.

 "Back off, NOW!" She yelled as I resumed running towards my brother.

 "Lady what are you gonna do?" Butch asked screaming.

 "This is what I'm going to do." I turned to see Lacey pulled a gun out and aimed it at Butch's heart. For once Butch looked scared, he looked from the gun to Lacey and backed away and then burts into a full on sprint, his goons right behind him. I reached Devyn and I heard him moan in pain as Lacey ran towards us.

 "Call 911 and get an ambulance He's hurt, BAD." I said bending down next to  him. Lacey nodded and within 5 minutes there was a full crew of an ambulance there. They asked me a few questions and when I mentioned Butch was the one who did this, they spat with pure distaste.

 "That doesn't suprise me at all." One of the workers muttered as they got Devyn tied into the stretcher. As they moved him one of the E.M.T.'s came up to me.

 "We're going to take him to St. Mary's hospital and if you want to, you can ride with us in the ambulance there," He said giving me a pat on the shoulder, "We'll do the best we can to help him." I nodded and got in the ambulance taking a seat next to one of the other workers while Lacey talked on the phone to someone and then hung up and turned to me.

 "That was mom and dad, they're already on their way to the hospital, I'll drive over and meet you there." She said and I just nodded as she looked me over and sighed then getting into her car as the ambulance doors shut.

 There was no talk on the way there to the hospital, some of the medical people tried to speak to me but I just stared at Devyn, who now had an oxygen mask on him. As we pulled into the Hospital I got out and was instantly greeted by a sobbing hug from aunt Veronica. Sean gave me a sympathetic look and I just stared back, my eyes hollow of any emotions after watching my brother have all of those machines hooked up to his unconcious, possibly dead body. I just moved past them and followed the workers into the building until I was stopped by a security man who told me, actually rather kindly that I wasn't allowed in the ER.

 "But I'll tell you what, when he's out and has a room I'll let you know and take you there, okay?" He said looking at me and I just nodded and took a seat. Sean and Jason tried to get me to talk but I didn't respond. Lacey went and got me a Dr. Pepper which I took a few sips of then layed down. This lasted for about two hours, until I was informed what room my brother was in, an everyone wanted to come up with me, but he could only have so many visitors.

 "Lacey and Jason can come up." I said quietly, then we headed to the room. As I got up there I saw he still had on that mask and was still unconcious. I sat there next to him as Lacey and Jason looked around ackwardly when a nurse came in.

 "Hey I just came up to check on your brother," She said and began to look at all those machines and wrote down a few things and then looked over at me as I began to speak again.

 "Is there any way we can arrange for me to stay here with him?" I asked and I almost saw her say no then she reconsidered.

 "I'll make it so you can stay as long as you feel the need to," She said sympathetically, "I'll go get you some things so you can sleep in here." She said as she left the room.

  "You'll need someone to stay here with you just in case Alex or your mother find out what happened." Lacey spoke softly then Jason spoke up.

 "I can stay if you need me to." He said and Lacey was about to protest when the nurse came back in.

 "That'll be fine I'll get some more things so you can stay." She said simply and then walked out.

 "Fine, go ahead you have your phone I'll trade places with you tomorrow," She said beginning to walk out the door, "And I'll explain it to mom and dad." Jason nodded and the nurse came back in with another set of blankets an pillows then left shutting the door. Jason fell asleep almost the second his head hit the pillow. But I couldn't sleep, so all I did was watch my brother hoping and praying that he'd live.


The End

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