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 Lacey and her band did a few more songs, and afterwards the fans were leaving looking pleased. Lacey walked off the stage and embraced Devyn and I, we let her as I felt a few more tears fall.

 Matt walked over and Lacey took Brandon so they could finish up cleaning everything. Brandon looked over at me with his deep blue eyes showing off his smile and the two teeth he had.  

 "He's a cute little guy." I commented as he continued to stare at me, his head cocked just a little bit. He then held out his arms and I took him as he giggled some more and he started to play with my hair.

 His weight felt a little strange in my arms, since I hardly ever got to hold a baby, since mom had alienated us from any and all family. But it was okay, enjoyable even. Like I was holding something precious...

 "Cole's got a boyfriend." Devyn said teasingly and I told him to shut up. The baby looked over at Devyn, then back at me and continued to slobber and play with my hair. Lacey and Jason both laughed, as the baby gave a hug and then went back to his mother.

 "We're all ready to go Lacey," Matt said and then looked over at Jason, devyn, and I. "If you guys want a ride I'd be more than happy to take you all back to the house." Devyn looked at Jason and I, we nodded and then we found ourselves in Matt's Van with Lacey and the baby.

  I enjoyed the ride other than Matt almost ran over some idiot with his pants down almost past his knees who then tried to car jack us, but Lacey pulled a gun out from the glove box and the guy ran like hell, couldn't balme him though, because it was obviously loaded.

 "Idiot," Matt muttered as we began to drive again, "You should have busted a cap in him Lacey." Lacey nodded, putting the gun back as we got past the last red light and pulled into the driveway of uncle sean's house. As we walked in my mouth watered at the smell of pot roast. Aunt Veronica stepped out of the kitchen with a fresh baked loaf of bread and wearing an apron.

 "Just go on ahead and grab a seat dinner's ready," She said smiling, I took a seat between Lacey and Devyn then pretended to pray with everyone else before beginning to fill up my plate, "So how did the concert go sweety?" She asked Lacey as she began to slice the bread.

 "It was awesome we rocked the house out," Lacey said in between bites of roast beef, then she looked at us, "You guys had a good time right?"

 "Yeah we had a blast I wish we would've known you'd started a band," I responded taking a bite out of the fluffy bread, "Or we would have been able to go to a lot more of them." Lacey smiled as we made other small talk as we ate. Then the door bell began to ring. Sean groaned and got up to answer it. I heard two all too familiar voices that made me shudder and want to curl up in the fetal position.

 "Where are our sons?" Mom and Alex asked angrily in unison. I looked down and began to shake when Lacey took my hand and looked me in the eye.

 "Don't worry they can't do anything to you here and if they try anything dad or I WILL stop them," She said sounding grim, "We aren't about to let you go back to them after what they put both you and Devyn through."

 "Thanks." I said my voice hardly a whisper, as I heard Alex let out a roar in the living room.

 "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING," He shouted probably right in Sean's face, "THEY'RE JUST DELINQUENTS." Lacey motioned for Matt to come over and she whispered something in his ear. He nodded going to the garage and came back in with a gun and handed it to Lacey. It got more intense in the living room as mom joined in the screaming match with Sean.

 "Sean just shut the hell up," She yelled, "And give us the boys back!" Veronica got up and walked in the living room to make it an even match up, though I think Sean could hold his own just fine.

 "Rachel you don't give a crap about either of them," I heard Sean say and I could tell he was angry, "So why do you even bother? Is it that he needs a punching bag other than you?"

 Lacey got up and motioned for me to come with her, but as I got up Devyn grabbed my hand.

 "I won't let you go in there without me," He said quietly, "They're both our problems so we may as well face them together." I nodded and walked in the room where when Alex saw me he smiled wickedly.

 "Well, well, honey look who it is," He said tapping my mom's shoulder, "There's our little boys." He made a move towards me and Sean made a move towards him and gave him a look that told him to lay off. Alex cursed softly and glared at me as my mother spoke again.

 "Look Sean these are my kids, let me deal with them," She spoke angrily shooting us a glare, "I don't need them coming over here every time they get upset at us. So just back off."

 "What?" Sean asked in disbelief, "They aren't upset Rachel, they're scared for their own lives because you let him beat on them," He pointed at Alex, "So no I won't back off." His face was right in front of her's as they began to yell even more at each other.

 Alex saw this as a chance to try and grab us but as he moved over towards us Lacey stepped in front of me.

 "Yeah I don't think so," She hissed at him, "So why don't you go back to hell?"

 "Oh come on sweet cheeks I could give you something in return." He said as he stroked her cheek. I was shocked when Lacey superman punched him in the gut, sending him to the floor on his butt.

 "Yeah no thanks you pervert." She said and Alex gave her a glare as mom helped him  get up.

 "Sweetheart are you okay." She asked looking genuinely concerned.

 "Yeah babe I'm fine." He said as I began to wish Lacey had punched him even harder.

 "Sean we just want the kids back please," She said giving him a sort of puppy dog look, "I'll make sure Alex doesn't beat them anymore please."

 "... No Rachel and you know what I hope you never get them back," He said scoffing and then he stopped as it sounded like the next part pained him to talk about, "After all you broke your promise to Taylor."

 "Don't even talk about that piece of trash," Mom said, but there was something that made me doubt that what she was saying was the truth, "He treated Devyn and I bad, slept around with a bunch of hoe's, and tried to leave me before I had Cole."

"You are such a liar, I can't believe you would say something like that about someone who saved your life by sacrificing his own." He said looking completely ticked off as a tear slid of his cheek.

 "What are you talking about?" Devyn chimed in sounding suprised, "Our dad died in a car accident, right?" Sean looked at Devyn and then back at Rachel looking even more like a raging volcano tha before.

 "YOU LIED TO THEM ABOUT THEIR OWN FATHER?!" He asked in disbelief and anger as he tried to gain his bearings, more tears pouring out of his eyes like a flood. Veronica looked over at Lacey and she sighed.

 "You guys dad isn't going to be able to talk about this. But I know what they're talking about," She looked over at my mom who was now looking down now in shame, "Your father was in the military in Afghanistan, your mother was pregnant with Cole at the time and she was hearing rumors that your father was cheating on her."

 "When she heard all of this she went out to confront him at night while he was on patrol, she started yelling and screaming at him and when he tried to explain she told him he was a liar and threw off her wedding band," She even started to tear up during this next part, "There was an ambush when she tried to leave and one of the men tried to kill her and Cole, but your father pushed her out of the way and he himself got shot."

 "When they got back to the camp she was told he was going to die, in his last moments he said he forgave her and made her promise to take care of both of you." She looked like she was going to break down when Sean finally began speaking again.

 "And after everything she broke that promise," He glared up at my mom, "You didn't just lose your husband Rachel, Cole and Devyn lost their father and I've lost my closest friend."

 "... So it's all out of the dark now," Mom said sighing softly, "What they said is the truth but none of you know the guilt I feel," She began to choke up softly, "Of that day, and then I have to see Taylor in his face and his eyes," She was pointing straight at Devyn who looked like he'd been hit by a car. "I wish he would've died instead of Taylor that day, then maybe..." She let the words hang in the air.

  "Sean you need to give them back to me now, so I can explain all this," She said looking him dead in the face, "This is my problem, and it's my job to solve it."

  Sean glared at her and you could see him trying to restrain himself, but with those words... The gloves were off, and he went off on her in a way that made us all get chills.

  "Rachel, you can't solve this problem," He growled, "Because all your problems you solve are with the bottom of a damn bottle or a needle full of drugs." His words hit hard and everyone was absolutely shocked, to say the least.

  "... Sean you have no right to say anything, none of you do." Rachel began to raise her voice, "None of you have to live with the guilt that I do, Knowing what you did caused death."

  "And then having to see the one you've losts's face," She pointed at Devyn, "Every day and feel that guilt." She then walked out not saying another word. Alex looked confused and then finally left huffing and puffing.

  I looked over at Devyn as his whole world crashed around him. He began to tear up and before any of us could move towards him he began to sob and ran out the back door.

  "Devyn wait!" Lacey and I shouted in unison, Devyn just shook his head and kept moving. I was about to go after him when i realized he needed to be alone, he needed to face himself for a little bit. I just sat there and watched as he left the house with the weight of this new truth weighing heavy on his heart, and behind him I felt like I should just be dead. I honestly wished I was, as I realized how much the truth really hurt both myself, and my brother.



The End

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