Nightmares and Broken wingsMature

 My nightmare was something fresh out of a horror movie. I was in a hospital room and there was someone in a hospital bed, I lifted up the sheets to see my brother his face horribly disfigured from the bruises and he had no vital signs. I heard weeping and saw that Lacey was sitting next to me, when she saw me she glared at me with cold spite.

 "You're the reason he died, you didn't stop them!" She screamed, I suddenly felt my hands being bound and I was now in Alex's room tied up and gagged. He walked in shirtless showing off his beer gut and he looked down on me.

 "Now let's have some fun," He said and the room grew dark, "And afterwards.... YOU CAN BE WITH YOUR BROTHER!" I woke up screaming and Devyn was shaking me, to my relief he wasn't dead.

 "You were having a really bad dream, so I had to wake you up." He looked genuinely concerned until I told him it was nothing. But then I knew he didn't believe me after last night, he probably never would again.

 "Come on uncle Sean and aunt Veronica are home, we might as well go talk to them." I nodded, we got dressed and headed down the steps and I found my uncle aunt sitting down together on the couch. Sean looked up and smiled grimly when he saw us. Veronica smiled warmly as we took a seat across from them.

 "Either of you want something to eat?" Veronica asked, we both shook our heads and she smiled sweetly, and went into the kitchen to get some tea for Sean.

 "I need you to tell me what he did to you and what he's done to you," Sean said his blue eyes looking fierce as he spoke, "So I'll know how to go about dealing with him and your mother."

 I looked down as I remembered everything that'd happened to me by Alex's and my mother's hands. I felt myself choke up as the fresh scar began to open and pour out unimaginable sorrow and pain.  Devyn took one look at me, sighing and then began to explain it to Sean. As he came to the part about what made us leave, Sean clenched his fists up and cursed as a small tear fell off his face.

 "Your father would've never wanted this..." Sean said looking down horrified, "I can't believe your mother would do this to both of you..." Veronica walked back in the room with Jason who was dressed in skinny jeans, black T-shirt, and a red hoodie. He looked over at us and smiled, I smiled back weakly still shaken from all the talk about Alex.

 "I was thinking the boys could go with Jason to Lacey's concert this afternoon," She said smiling at us, "It might do you some good to get out for a while and away from all these problems." She said it sympathetically as a strand of black hair fell elegantly down into her face.

 "I didn't know Lacey had a band," Devyn said, "But sure it would do us some good to get away  from everything." Veronica looked happy, but I could see just behind that, that she was worried about us and I was glad that for once someone was. Jason looked somewhat happy, though not completely enthusiastic about spending time with us and I could to some degree understand, we didn't exactly show up as his personal guests.

 Soon after we had lunch and talked for a while, then Jason decided it was time for us to go ahead and get moving. As we walked out of the house Jason grabbed a red flat billed hat and put it on it complimented his appearence well enough and he didn't sag like some wannabe idiot.

 "So what exactly are the problems you're having?" Jason asked curiously, "You know, that everyone's talking about?" I looked away as Devyn explained about the abuse leaving out 'certain' details.

 "I'm sorry to hear you went through all of that." Jason said, very sincerely in fact, we thanked him as we came upon the park where a large stage was set up and Lacey was sitting with Matt and a few other people.

  She looked absolutely gorgeous in the beautiful white dress that  fell past her knees, yet it didn't interfere with how she walked. Her hair fell elegantly down past her shoulders, the waves showing off the beauty and darkness of the color. Her eyes reflected the sunshine making them sparkle yet retain their dark nature.

 "Hey these are the guys I was telling you about," She lept down softly onto the ground off the amp she'd been sitting on, "This is Cole, and this is Devyn." She motioned towards both of us.

 Another girl who Lacey'd been speaking to who was obviously Matt's sister jumped off an amp and shook both our hands. "My name's Amy," She did a sweeping motion towards the rest of the people who Lacey'd been talking to "This is John, Jared, and you know my little brother Matt." Matt smiled over at us while he held a sleeping Brandon in his arms while we looked over at the other band members.

  John was a rather muscularly built man, with short spiked black hair, and dark brown eyes. Jared was skinny, and had dark, somewhat scruffy brown hair and a beard. They smiled and shook our hands, and seemed to be pretty cool people.

 "Come back stage after the show and we'll talk some more," Lacey said as the others rose up, "Right now we have to set up otherwise we'd chat for a bit." She waved and we waved back as they walked up onto the stage and set up their instruments and equipment.

 Devyn and I made small talk as more people showed up for the concert. Then suddenly the curtain began to slowly rise up to reveal a dark stage. 

 "It's starting now." Devyn said softly, and as he said that there was a sudden blare of guitar and bass and the whole stage lit up. 

 "How you all doing tonight?" I heard Lacey shout from the stage, "Are you ready to rock?" She got her answer in the form of shouts and screams. "Let's do this then!" Then the music started to blare and flames shot out of the stage making the whole park light up. She started to sing about waking up from a coma to God and she completely rocked it out. The next song was even better because John the guy who played the bass, sang for a good chunk of it and he knocked the ball out of the park with his amazing voice. 

 "Okay guys we're going to tone it down just a little bit, not too much but just a little," Lacey said as she took a small sip of water, "This next song is for my two cousins who have been having a really hard time in their lives, remember I'll always be there for you and I will always care." 

 I looked over at Devyn and he gave me a look back that said, 'yes she really did just do that'. Jared swapped out his electric guitar for an acoustic guitar, and began to play softly as Lacey's voice went from loud and intimidating to something that sounded innocent, soft, and so beautiful I actually teared up while she began to sing about friendship.

 Not the overused and boring kind that you might hear off of a kid's anime show, but the kind that made you want to cry, because you know you have a friend for life and you start praying you never lose them. Then Devyn's image appeared to me throughout the rest of the lyrics as she sang about "1000 broken hearts carried by 1000 broken wings". I felt him put his hand on my shoulders as her voice began to sound more and more like that of an angel's.

  "No matter what you're my brother and I will always be there for you, no matter what anyone says or does." I believed his words, and that's saying a whole lot after having been force fed lies and broken promises your entire life. Amy began to sing adding even more power to Lacey's voice. As the song began to fade I gave my brother a small hug and after everything I'd endured I just wish that that moment could've lasted forever, as I finally felt comfort and hope for the first time in my life that wasn't ripped away.


The End

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