When we had gotten home we had walked in the house to find mom with Alex at the kitchen table. They had stopped talking when we'd walked in, but resumed when we were in our room, but I could care less of what they were talking about. Devyn's phone buzzed with a very sudden text message, and he looked at it with a confused expression on his face.

 "What? That can't be right." He mumbled out loud.

 "What can't be right?" I asked and he handed me the phone, and I looked at the message on the screen. Devyn it's your cousin Lacey, we need to talk there's no time to ask how I got this or anything, you need to text me back now! I looked over the message in shock we hadn't talked to Lacey or anyone from her family in a few years. Devyn sent back,  ok what is it.

 The response came in less than a minute. Look I know it's been a really long time but please you have to listen. Dad found out what was happening to you and he wants to help. My heart sank as I read the rest of the message. As soon as you get the chance to get over here do it, we love both of you and don't want you to get hurt anymore!

 My brother and I sat there gazing at the message for the longest of times. Finally Devyn sent back some message I didn't see and he turned to me.

 "It's been way too long, and besides how to we even know it's Lacey," He paused then lowered his voice, "I mean what if it's Alex toying with us, trying to make us think we can escape?" I nodded knowing he was probably right, so we just went on the rest of the day as usual.

  But then night came like it always did and with it, came something that has scarred me for all eternity. Devyn had made dinner and gone to bed while I finished up the rest of my chores, Alex and mom had went out for a bit, but that wouldn't last long.

 I heard the door open and I expected it to be mom but it wasn't, just my luck. Alex walked up behind me and grabbed me by the throat, getting me down onto the floor as I tried to scream. But his hands, those filthy disgusting hands covered my mouth and sealed my fate.

 "Shut up because tonight," He said grinning wickedly, "We're gonna have some fun." I tried to scream for Devyn, or anyone that could hear me but all I accomplished was getting dragged to Alex's room and onto the bed.

 I wa crying my eyes out from the pain and severity of the situation. Alex grabbed me off the bed, making me put on a t-shirt and boxers and then took me by the hair. He stopped by the door, opening it and throwing me onto my bed, while Devyn awoke to the strange scene.

 "I'll be back in a few minutes for round two." He said and I heard the door lock from the outside. Devyn stared at me and when I finally told him what happened, he turned pale as snow and started to shake uncontrollably.

 "W-what," He said stuttering from the shock of learning what had happened, "... We need to leave come on get your stuff we're going to try and get to Lacey's house." 

 "But he locked the door!" I whispered, tears spilling left and right as I limped over and showed him, I had some doubts about Lacey's invite but it was better than staying here with Alex.

 "We'll use the fire escape now go!" He said and I hurried up and grabbed my clothes and the necklace he had given me when I heard footsteps in the hallway. 

 "No you can't have him!" Devyn growled softly and then  moved a chair under the door to keep Alex at bay as long as possible. I tried to get the window open, but with me being as weak as I was from the situation, both emotionally and physically, it didn't budge for me, and I heard Alex start banging on the door trying to get in. Devyn pushed me to the side and punched open the window, sending glass and blood everywhere.

 "Come on!" He yelled climbing down the escape as the door started to cave in to Alex's weight. I followed him down the ladder and out of an alley as we ran towards Uncle Sean's house where Lacey had told us to go. Only problem was it was 6 miles away on the outskirts of the city. After about an hour of running, or in y case limping, Devyn stopped, sides heaving. I moved next to him to catch my breath, knowing we only had a short time to rest before we had to keep going.

 "You okay?" I asked my brother pointing to his hand and he nodded. "Can you keep going?" I asked and he nodded again and then got up and we ran again. I was beginning to become extremely worried about his hand, it was still bleeding a little and it had swollen up like a blimp.

 About two hours later we reached the house and Devyn almost passed out from exhaustion, so I went up and knocked on the door. After a minute the door opened to reveal my cousin Jason, standing looking at us both puzzled.

 "Can I help you?" He asked politely, then we heard rapid foot steps and Lacey was at the door.

 "Good it's just you two." She said in a relieved voice, then she noticed Devyn's hand, "Oh... come in we'll get you stitched up." I helped Devyn up as he started to limp in the house, sore from the running. Jason studied us with his dark brown eyes trying to figure out just what was going on and why we were in his house.

 "Lace who are these guys?" He shouted over his shoulder, still studying us, trying to figure out who we were and if we posed any sort of threat to him.

 "They're aunt Rachel's kids remember? Cole and Devyn?" She shouted from the bathroom and came back down the steps carrying a small first aid kit. "Here let me see your hand and I'll get it bandaged up." Devyn moved his hands towards her but cried out when she applied the disinfectant.

 "Hmm..." Lacey frowned, then her eyes lit up and she looked towards Jason, "You have a belt right?" Jason nodded, obviously knowing what she was going to do, and  pulled off his leather belt from his jeans and handed it to Lacey.

 "Look this is going to hurt but if you want it to heal you can't jerk away, so just bite down on this," She motioned towards the belt, "When it starts to hurt."

 Devyn nodded and Lacey held the belt out and he took it and when she applied the disinfectant he bit down hard on the belt letting a tear escape. Then lacey put a dab of medicine on the hand and bandaged it up. 

 "Thanks Lacey." Devyn said managing a small smile. Lacey smiled back and then the door opened and a skinny guy with a baby walked over to Lacey, kissed her and then did a double take when  he saw us.

 "Uh babe who are these guys?" The man asked looking us over with these eyes that were a weird mixture of blue and gray.

 "Oh these are my cousins I told you about, Cole and Devyn," She then motioned towards the guy next to her, "This is my husband Matt and my son Brandon."

 I looked at the small child Matt had handed to Lacey, he was only, at the most maybe 5 months old. Matt shook both our hands avoiding Devyn's injured one and then told Lacey he was going to take a shower. The baby stared up at Lacey and giggled a little Lacey then turned her attention to us.

 "Mom and Dad are out of the house because of some problems Dad's having at work," She spoke somewhat quietly as the baby fidgeted with her long black hair, "But they were hoping you would come so you can just stay up in the guest room okay?" We nodded and then Jason got up to show us around.

 "This is the living room," he said as we got up and went up the stairs, "The kitchens to the door on your right down there, and right here's where you'll stay." he opened the door to a large room with two full sized beds.

 "If you need anything just talk to me or Lacey and we can get it for you," Jason said kindly and then walked out of the room. I looked around the room and saw a hamper which I used to get rid of my shirt that was caked in blood and dirt and changed into the only other shirt I had time to bring with me. Devyn did the same and we each climbed into a different bed and Devyn looked at me.

 "We're finally safe." I nodded and as I drifted off to sleep I wondered just how long we would be safe before Alex found us.

The End

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