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 I woke up in the morning to Devyn shaking me and I bolted upright. I looked over at him and I saw that he wasn't freaking out, he was actually smiling just a little bit. I looked over at him to see he still looked horrible from last night, but he was putting on a happy face for me. Couldn't say I wasn't really doing the same.

 "Happy birthday little bro," He said a smile on his face, "Come on I've got something for you." I got up still sore from last night's beating and got my shirt on when Devyn handed me a small box with blue wrapping. I opened it up and let out a small gasp as I saw the small golden cross, studded with sapphire. I was completely speechless as I saw the gift, he had probably given up all of his money to buy just for me.

 "Look on the back of it." He said taking the necklace and turning it around. I looked at it and then read the inscription.

 "Through thick and thin you were always there, I hope I can do the same." I looked at it and then gave my brother a hug, and he returned it, wincing as one of my hands pushed down on a bruise on his shoulder. I immediately put on the necklace, and we heard the door to mom's room open.

 She came into the room looking like a complete mess, glaring at us and when she caught glimpse of my cross her eyes burned with fury.

 "Who gave you that?" She asked sounding like she had drank razor blades last night.

 "I did," Devyn said looking uncomfortable, "For his birthday." She gave Devyn this 'I'll kill you later look', then walked out the door not saying anything else. I gave Devyn a questionable look and he just shrugged and rolled his eyes.

"How about we go out for a little bit for your birthday? The park sounds nice." He said and I nodded, knowing how bad I wanted to leave and never come back again. Devyn grabbed his cell phone and I grabbed mine, so we walked out and Devyn shouted to mom that we were leaving and she responded saying she didn't give a crap what we did just so long as we came back (that figured). We walked down the apartment steps and out on the sidewalk and headed towards the park, which was a couple of blocks away. When we got there we were approached by one of Devyn's friends, Toby.

 "Hey how you guys doing?" He asked, him being one of the only people who would actually care what we answered. He came up and gave Devyn a fist bump and me a high five.

 He noticed both our bruises and stopped dead, giving Devyn a questionable look, Devyn just gave him a look and Toby nodded.

 "Okay," I answered smoothly not saying what I was really wanting to say, "How 'bout you?" He answered the same and we just hung out over in the shade for a while talking. Toby told me he couldn't believe I was already 15, I nodded, glad that someone other than Devyn cared that I was born.

  That's when I saw trouble coming in the form of a muscular jerk named Butch, everyone around the town called him meat head though. He and his grunts were always stirring up trouble with everyone he could taunt into it.

 "Hey pretty boy how are you doing? You look drop dead gorgeous today, ain't that right guys, What's the occasion, you got a hot date tonight?" They roared as my brother gave them an angry stare. Butch then turned his attention to me and moved towards me. Due to instinct and Alex I took a step back. "Heh looks we've got ourselves a chicken," He looked over me with his ugly turd brown eyes, "Or should I say a little bitch?" He and his goons started laughing like idiots, and I should've knocked him out right then and there.

 "Shut up Butch," I said the anger in my voice showing, "And do all of us a fucking favor!" Butch stopped cackling and had me against a tree in less than five seconds, and I started seeing stars. Devyn and Toby tried to pry him off of me but they were both skinnier than sticks, and he was built as thick as a building. 

 "How about you shut up and go to hell with your dad!" He said through gritted teeth. That's what set me off, He had no right to say ANYTHING about my father. I may have not been able to take down Alex, but I could sure as hell escape this bone head.

  I placed a kick on the side of his head and he hit the ground giving me enough time to gain my bearings and walk away from him towards my brother. That's when  I saw one of his cronies approach me and I realized it was a friend of mine named Danny.

 "Wow that just shows how stupid you are," He said looking at me with his dark green eyes, "You ran away from a fight, I can't believe I ever thought of you as a friend, all you are is a coward and a stupid faggot." That shook me and I got up before he could say anymore and I just walked in the direction of the woods, while I heard Toby calling me back and Devyn cussing out Danny.

 I thought of what a 'wonderful' birthday I was having today. Beaten last night by Alex AND getting pushed around by Butch? Wow I must have won the lottery.

 I didn't stop walking until I found myself in the middle of nowhere and sat down in front of a stream and let the tears wash down my face. I had thought he was my friend and.... he just turned on me that quick.

  I felt something next to me and I saw a little white dove looking up at me. I looked away and I heard it start to sing softly, the song was soft and sweet, innocent yet it held pain in some way or another yet... It was comforting. I looked at my reflection in  the water and realized I had more bruises, but for once they weren't from Alex.

  I looked int the stream and caught a glimpse of my reflection and shuttered at the indigo bruises and the dried blood. No kid should be put through this, but apparently I had done something to merit this living hell...

  I heard a small cooing sound, and saw two white roses next to me, the dove looking at me as it motioned its head towards them. It flew off as I picked up the roses and examined them, they were about as white as snow, and the petals were soft to the touch I put one in my pocket and held onto the other.

  That's when I heard Devyn and Toby's voice shouting my name a few yards away, and after a few moments of crashing through the brush they reached me and my brother came over to me looking a little frantic.

 "Cole are you okay?" He asked looking worried sick and I nodded not ready to talk right that second. Toby told Devyn he had to go, and I couldn't blame him for wanting to leave after everything that had happened. There was a pause of silence and then I finally broke it.

 "I'm sorry if I worried you it's just..." Devyn held up his hand and there was another silence when handed him the other white rose and the dove landed next to Devyn Cooing and looking him over. Devyn looked at it and then we began to talk again just about anything to kill what lied in the darkness of silence.

  Finally After a good hour we got up. As I was about to leave when something caught my eye, the outline of a man in the trees, but when I moved closer to get a better look at it, it vanished into thin air.

 "You okay?" Devyn asked giving me a puzzled look.

 "Y-yeah I'm fine I just thought... i-it was nothing." I finished and as we left I pondered over who or just what that thing I had seen was.

The End

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