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 I awoke to the loud sound of cussing and shouting in the living room. I looked over at the clock as it read 12:38 am. I let out a small moan as I realized Alex was having one of his stupid poker games since Mom slept through almost everything, including the sound of a bunch of drunken idiots cussing and fighting.

 I looked over at Devyn's bed and I saw my brother sitting on the edge with a worried expression on his face, and I could understand why. If we so much as walked out of the room Alex would say we were "interrupting" his game and beat the living crap out of us, and every now and then his retarded friends would help him.

Devyn looked up at me and put a finger to his mouth, signaling for me to be silent and moved towards the door, cracking it open to where we could hear what Alex was saying.

 "I'm telling you Barney that woman I married is so stupid," Alex said his words slurred from all the alcohol he'd drank, "She doesn't care what I do if I hit her or her little brats, just so long as I pretend to care about her and her finances."

 I Choked back a snarl as he talked about how my mother acted, because I knew he was right. She had said before when I'd caught him hitting her that she didn't care what he did to her, or us for that matter. Just so long as he kept food on the table and the bills paid.

 "Oh great," Devyn muttered softly, "Big Barney's here." I nodded, remembering that the last time Barney had come over. Let's suffice it to say I ended up in a cast for a few weeks.

 "How are those boys anyway?" Barney asked, "Still trouble for you?"

 "They've never been anything more than a hassle," Alex snorted, "The youngest one is the worst though, always sitting around doing nothing! Ungrateful for everything I've done for them and their mother!"

 I clenched my fist as he lied about me. I'm the one who always cleaned up after the slob because he decided Devyn was going to be his personal servant. That's when I heard Devyn let out a small sob as he talked about our mother, she may be a bitch but we still at least acknowledged who she was, that she was the woman who gave birth to us and raised us.

 "Well why don't you go wake them up and we'll teach them a lesson." I heard one of the other guys say, and everyone in the living room agreed and I heard footsteps headed towards us, Devyn gave me this look of pure terror and helplessness as he quietly closed the door and got under the blankets to pretend we hadn't heard anything and I did the same. Alex pretty much broke down the door and started screaming at us as we pretended to be shocked and sleepy which wasn't too hard.

 "Get the hell up and get into the living room NOW!" He screamed as Devyn and I jumped to our feet and got into the living as quick as we could stumbling out of our still adjusting eyes. Barney was sitting in an easy chair in a black shirt smirking, showing off his yellow teeth as he did. I crashed onto the ground due to a hand shoving me to the ground, and I saw Devyn let out a small gasp as he was pushed against the wall by Barney.

 "Well hello there pretty boy," Barney sneered as he held Devyn down by the throat, "Let's have some fun." I turned my head away as I saw the fist Barney had made collide right in Devyn's stomach and Devyn let out a small cry. I then looked up and saw Alex's beer gut falpping out while he stared down at me with a cold look. Then I felt his foot connect with my face and I was now on my back looking up and struggling to try and get to my feet to no avail. That's when Barney dropped Devyn and picked me up then kneed me in the stomach and shoved me against the wall punching me in the face.

 "Maybe now you'll learn a little bit of respect for your step father." Alex said staring at me while I let a small tear fall off my cheek, Barney cackled as he slid his hand over my mouth and kneed me as hard as possible in the stomach, causing me to scream but make no noise.

 Alex walked over to Devyn and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. Then slammed his face into the wall giving him a bloody nose and then dropped his limp body to the floor again.

  "You can go back to your room I need to have a little talk with your brother," Alex said giving me an evil smile and I choked back a sob. Devyn looked from me to Alex and gave me this helpless look as he managed to limp back into our room, shutting the door. As soon as Alex heard the door shut he made me sit next to Barney who held me by the wrist so I wouldn't try to leave.

  "Now then I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your body." He said scanning me over with lustful eyes, that's when I remembered that he was bisexual.

 "Oh shit." Was all I could think as he looked me over.

 "If I want you, or I get tired of your mother," He leaned in so close I could smell the alcohol on his breath, "I will get you, are we clear?" I sat there, shocked for a minute as the reality of the situation, he was essentially telling me that when he got the chance, he would rape me without hesitation. He repeated himself and I merely nodded as I understood I was nothing more than a toy to him.

 "Good now go to bed and get some rest." He said and Barney released my arm, as I got off the couch and limped towards the hallway I felt a hand touch my butt and I fought the urge to start bawling like a little kid. As soon as I walked into my room I saw Devyn get up from the door and understood he had heard the entire conversation. His eyes were teared up and he closed the door and I finally let the tears I'd been holding back fall.

  I wanted it to end so bad, I wanted something more than to be a play thing for some sexual predator. I had dreams, but I knew somewhere deep down, Alex would kill me to take away my happiness and keep his.

   I contemplated this as I pulled out the small tube of medicine Devyn had given me and I rubbed it onto the injuries, Devyn took off his shirt which was covered in blood and threw it in the hamper. While I took mine off I stared at how much crimson there was on it.

   It looked as if someone had taken all the petals off of a rose bush and glued them onto the shirt. I suppressed the wave of emotions flooding me at that moment, nearly breaking down until there was nothing left.

 "I don't want him to do anything to you so don't stay here alone, ever," Devyn said pulling on a new shirt that didn't have blood on it, "Even if it's mom here he wouldn't do it because he needs to keep up the act that he loves her, or at least that he wants to pay her bills or whatever. If I have to go somewhere just come with me it's better then staying here and..." He stopped and looked at me, that's when I saw the fear in his eyes.

 I appreciated the effort my brother was putting into this but... It would hold no avail, we both knew that. At some point it was inevitable that Alex would get exactly what he wants.

 I nodded though, and put on my shirt. Devyn came over and put a hand on my shoulder, and as I looked over at him I saw brotherly love in his eyes. The kind that somewhat reassured me whenever I was really scared of Alex, I knew that if he could he would stop the beatings and give us a better life.

 "Thanks," I said as I walked over to my bed, "Love you bro."

 "Love you to." He said as he walked over to his bed and pulled up the covers. Then I fell asleep again to the sound of NFL and my brother's breathing.


The End

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