Broken PromiseMature

It's been 16 years since Rachel's husband died and made her promise to take care of their sons. That promise was broken the minute she re-married only 2 years later. Her sons Cole and Devyn are now both teenagers with no real father who are abused nearly everyday by their step father. Cole and Devyn continue to live their lives while hiding the bruises and locking up their emotions. But eventually they will have to decide how far they'll allow this to go. Will they escape this living hell?

 The blow from my step dad had me against the wall feeling like I had been hit by a freight train. He removed his fist from my stomach and I slid onto the floor as I coughed up a bit of blood onto the carpet. Alex looked at me with disgust then he turned to Devyn who was staring at me looking worried and scared.

 "If either of you little bastards tell anyone anything about any of this..." He didn't have to finish the sentence, neither of us doubted that he would kill us if he got the chance to. "Now I'm going to go, and I want dinner done when I get back got it?" We both stayed silent for a minute then Devyn answered.

 "Yes sir, we understand." He answered barely hiding the fear in his voice.

 Alex gave us one last glare and walked out the door. As soon as he was gone my brother rushed over to me with an equally horrified, and worried expression.

 "He didn't break anything did he?" His voice full of concern. 

  "No I don't think so." I replied my voice hoarse from the scream I had let out moments before Alex had beaten me. Devyn offered his hand to help me get up and I took it almost falling a few times in the process. Devyn sighed as he looked over the damage done to my body from all the punches, shoves and kicks I'd received.

 "I'll get dinner started before he comes back and beats us again, you go lay down and I'll see if I can't help with the bruises in a little bit." He said it in a nice way that made me remember how much I loved my brother, what with him being the only one who cared about me in this house.

 "Thanks I appreciate it." I said, he merely gave nod, and I went into my room limping. As soon as I got in there I found some pain killers and swallowed them with a cup of water. I looked into the mirror and I was shocked to see how bad the bruises were on my arms and wrists, already they were almost jet black. I heard the door open and Devyn came in with a pained look on his face.

 "I- I'm sorry Cole that I let that happen to you." A small strand of blond hair sat on his forehead as his voice shook.

 "You and I both know you wouldn't be able to stop him no matter how much you wanted to," I said looking at his bruises on his wrists from where alex had grabbed him, only a day before for looking at him wrong, and had slammed his arm in a door, "And besides I wasn't able to stop him from hurting you either."

 He smiled just a little and then he got out a small tube of medicine and handed it to me.

 "Put that on any cuts you got so that-" He was going to say more when we heard the door open in the living room, "Oh crap!" He said as he moved towards the door and then relaxed. 

 "It's just mom not Alex," We both breathed a sigh of relief and Devyn moved towards the door and stopped abruptly, "You'll need an excuse for the bruises so she doesn't ask any questions," He paused for a moment then left muttering, "Not that she'd ever give a crap about her kids."

 A few minutes later I heard mom shouting something about dinner being ready and I got up off my bed and walked into the kitchen. Mom was sitting at the table her dirty blond hair in a short ponytail as she read a magazine, while Devyn was getting the plates and forks. Dinner was ramen noodles which I immediately scarfed down while mom just kept on reading her magazine not giving a crap about anyone as usual. Finally Devyn sat down looking tired and began to eat for himself while mom finally put down her magazine. She looked at both of us and then looked pissed for some reason.

 "Where's your father at?" She asked her voice scratchy and hoarse, "He was supposed to be home."

 I grimaced as she called that monster my father, he was nothing but a bully and a demon to me. Not the loving hero that I'd love to be able to call 'Dad'.

 "He said he was going out for a little while probably just to go get something." Devyn lied, we both knew that when Alex said he was "Going out" he meant to a bar or some other place for stupid drunks.

 Mom squinted for a minute and then just said "Okay" picking her magazine back up and ignoring both of us as usual. Devyn grabbed all the dirty dishes and headed for the dish washer when I grabbed his arm.

 "Don't worry about the dishes you get some rest." I said being sympathetic as I saw him shoot me a quick look that said thanks.  He walked into the other room as soon as I had a good hold on them. Soon I was done, I told mom good night and she just grunted as I walked into my room where I found Devyn staring at a picture of What looked like an older version of him with a baby.

 "What's that?" I asked somewhat curious as I sat on the bed next to him.

 "A picture of me and Dad, our real dad and I, when I was a baby." I could hear the pain in his voice as he talked about our father who was somewhat of a sore subject.

 No matter how much mom said he was a dead beat, I couldn't believe her. I don't think my father was a horrible man, though I've only seen pictures of him. But the way he smiled when he held Devyn... It was like he was holding something so precious that... I shook it off and began to speak again. 

"He looks just like you." I said softly he just nodded and stuck the picture back in it's frame on his dresser. He then  looked at me with a sad expression and sat back on his bed and I made my way to mine on the other side of the room.

 "Night bro," I said "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

 "There are a lot worse things," He said looking at me, "than bed bugs to be worried about in this house."

The End

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