Old TV, New Worries

A month before

Anika Steward leaned back on the sofa and flicked on the telly. It was the news. Anika didn't care for the news much, but her TV had grown stubborn with age and wouldn't let her change.

So Anika had to watch the pretty but irritating woman gabble on about hospital money problems, the urgent building work, how it needed more medicine stock. Anya wasn't worried in the the slightest. She was a healthy woman: balanced diet, plenty of exercise etc. Anika wouldn't need to go there anytime soon.

'And now a quick warning of Ralechomenia from Adam Field.' The slightly fuzzy image of the newreader said. 'This was Katie White on SupaNews.' The person just stated smiled a glossy peach smile before the cheesy music and cheap effects of SupaNews (!) transformed her to a serious looking man.

By now the TV was so bad that only flickers were remaining on the screen. Anika could make some things out though, like 'Massive Outbreak...' and 'No cure so far...' and 'Thousands dead...' as well as 'Symptoms crackle Fatigue, Headaches and pa-crackle-fizz...' The TV gave one last cry before completely dieing.

Anika was now not so uninterested. But...scared. She never felt like this so it was quite overwhelming. Hadn't she felt a bit...well...fatigued earlier...and yesterday, her head ...Oh my gosh. NO!

Anika went to get up but her legs seemed to turn to dust. Half sitting, half lying, Anika gave an exhausted yelp before compeletely fainting.

' Fatigue, headaches and passing out.'


The End

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