She was really aloneMature

She was sober, she always was when she went to see her dad. She didn’t want to upset him, he hadn’t been the same since her mum left. Which she would never be forgiven for.

Her dad loved her visits, which is why she made it easy on him. She didn’t want to let him know that his only daughter had fucked up her life. So she acted like everything was fine.

But this time was different. The telly wasn’t on. The house felt cold, unlived in. Which was odd. And it worried her.

So she went looking.


No reply. She walked upstairs and pushed open the door to her fathers room. His clothes were crumpled on the floor. She walked in and went to his bed. From far away you would have thought he was sleeping. But next to his hand were a bottle of pills.

She tried to be angry at him, for leaving her. But he looked at peace, for the first time since she was a little girl. So she couldn’t hate him.

So she broke down, drowning in the fact that she was really alone. She went downstairs, found the nearest bottle of vodka, and drank.

The End

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