Suitcase by the doorMature

She was 16, and came home finding a suitcase by the door. She wonders why that would be there. They weren’t going on holiday as far as she knew.


No answer. So she went looking.

When she reached the kitchen she could hear someone crying, and found her mother sitting on the floor curled up in a ball.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘I can’t do this. I’m sorry.’

‘Can’t do what Mum?’

‘Nothing, don’t worry.’ (her mother laughed and wiped her eyes) ‘Look at the state of me’

She thought nothing of it, her mum seemed fine in the end. It was probably nothing. After all everything else that evening went on as usual, she forgot it after an hour.

She went upstairs to her room as usual, said goodnight to her mum and dad, and got in her bed. Though she couldn’t sleep, she’d been worrying about her boyfriend. He’d been distant lately.

It was 1am when she heard the door slam. That wasn’t normal. Her parents were in bed, weren’t they?

So she tip toed downstairs and went to the door. The suitcase wasn’t there anymore and her mothers car was gone from the drive.

‘Dad? DAD?’

He was already standing behind her.

‘She wasn’t happy, she needed to leave. I’m sorry’

And she broke down, found the nearest bottle of alcohol and went upstairs.

The End

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