Her 17thMature

It was the night of her 17th birthday. She’d finally got her dad to agree to let her have the party, it’s not like her house was too small for the 200 odd people who turned up. She’d been so caught up in dancing, trying to be the best host, that she hadn’t noticed her boyfriend disappear upstairs.

They’d been together since she was 15, she didn’t think it was possible to have so much love for one person. Her room was filled with pictures of the two from the past two years and she had every little thing that he’d given her. Including her past birthday presents.

He was her world.

It wasn’t until a friend asked her where he was that she realised he hadn’t danced with her at midnight like usual. She hadn’t got her present from him. And this was not like him, so she went looking.

All the while he was upstairs in her bed with her best friend on top of him. He was so involved with this girls beauty he didn’t notice his girlfriend standing in the door way. It wasn’t until she let out an involuntary sob that he took the time to turn his head.


But she didn’t want to hear it. Who would? She shut the door and ran back downstairs, tying to drown herself in the music. A distraction. That’s what she needed.

Phoebe, please listen. It wasn’t what it looked like’

So you weren’t just fucking my best friend, MY BEST FRIEND, in my bed?’

The music had stopped, all eyes were on the three people standing in the middle of the room. After all who doesn’t love a good drama?

‘I don’t want your stupid excuses’

‘Phoebe please, you know I love you’

Her ‘best friend’ hadn’t bothered to speak. She stood there, lipstick smeared and tights ripped, guilty.

‘Love me? You love me? You’ve got a funny way of showing it. On my birthday! I loved you. I wanted to be with you forever.’

'I want the same, I swear'

‘No. I may not deserve the best. But I deserve better then you. My fucking room, pictures of us on the walls, and while I was downstairs. And you didn’t stop once to think, oh maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, I do have a girlfriend after all. And you’ She turned to her so called friend, ‘I can’t believe you would do this to me. I’ve known you all my life and you fucking do this. I can’t even look at the both of you. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE. We are SO OVER. Friendship and relationship’I want the same. I swear.’

(She couldn’t hold in the tears now.)

They didn’t see the point in arguing, they walked out. Glares from everyone. And they didn’t look back.

She felt herself falling apart, her heart ripped out. She was vaguely aware of people crowding, asking her if she’s okay. But she didn’t want to hear it. She’d left her body and moved like a robot. To the alcohol. What better way to forget.

With a bottle of the closest thing to her she went to the spare room, (her room was too painful), and drowned herself in tears and what she now knew was vodka.

The End

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