Broken Memories.Mature

It can only get better.

Who is she kidding?

She’s pretty sure there’s many more levels below her in this dark fucked up hole her life’s turned into.

After all, why would anything get better for her?

She’s not always been like this. Her life used to be the life other people wanted. The life you would have wished for on your birthday as you blew out your candles. She had the big house, the swimming pool, the money, the best friends, the boyfriend. From the outside you would describe it as perfect.

You would see her at school, with all those people surrounding her, and wonder why your life couldn’t be like that. Why she got everything and you just had the average, quiet, not so exciting life.

(But weren’t you ever told not to judge a book by its cover?)


She sits in her bed at 3am. (What’s the point in even trying to sleep when you can’t?) Every breath is forced, they sound hoarse and empty, her body has already given up on her. It’s not like she couldn’t be surprised at that, she’s abused it far too much for it to want to keep going.

She wonders how she got here. When everything used to be so right. She racks her brains with the little energy she has left trying to figure out how it all started. But its all a blur, it all happened too fast. She’s able to pick out some things, but she’s tried so hard to block the memories out. She didn’t think she’d want to remember them, until now.

Until she was lost, trying to remember who she used to be. For the first time, she wanted to go back to that.

The End

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