One of the stories from my 'Vampyress33' account...
Just a short piece I began one day, and you'll notice a slight obsession with Vampires.

Day 1095.

This is it. The three-year mark. Today, He left me. And I’ve hated every second that I’ve lived, never knowing if He is still alive. Never knowing if I’ll see Him again… It kills me more each day – slowly, but surely.

School starts today too… Grade 11, and I’m afraid to go. It’ll be nice to see my friends again, but I can’t deny my fear. I’m not even sure what I’m afraid of… Perhaps it’s this feeling that I’ve been having, the feeling that something is going to happen. Whether it’s good or bad, something will happen.

Well diary, here’s to hoping that I survive the day. I only wish that He were here for me to share it with…

I roll over onto my stomach, reaching for the loose floorboard below my bed, where I hide my most precious belongings. Slipping my diary beneath it, I trail my hand along the other items, making sure they’re all there. My first drum stick, a thimble, a ring…

I pull my hand away quickly, slamming the floorboard back in its place.

Stop it, Faye. Don’t think about Him.

Sitting up, careful to avoid hitting my head on the sloping attic ceiling, I hope out of bed and grab my clothes from the rocking chair by my window.

15 minutes later, I’ve showered, done my hair and make-up, and am tossing things into my school bag when I hear Him.

“I’m waiting.”

The End

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