Broken Love

Grade 11 shoudl be fun - unless your fighting your very feelings for a man who left you years ago, teachers that seem to know everything about you, and a complicated life of love, lies and Vampires.

Chapter One

Day 1095.

Well diary. Today is the three year mark. The day that He left me – three years ago. And I’ve hated every second that I’ve been living, not knowing if He’s alive or not. Not knowing if I’ll ever see Him again. It’s killing me, very slowly, but still killing me.

My first year of Grade 11 and I’m afraid to go. I know… well, I’m fairly certain that my friends will welcome me back with open arms. I’m not sure WHY I’m afraid though. It might be the feeling that I know something’s going to happen. Oh dear. I’m starting to sound like Elena. You know, from “The Vampire Diaries?” Whatever. It’s probably just my paranoia kicking in.

Well diary – here’s to hoping I survive today. I only wish that I could share it with Him.


I rolled over onto my side to access the loose floorboard below my bed and slipped my diary beneath it. Sitting up, I spied the clothes I left out the night before and groaned.

I stumbled over to my door – clothes in hand – and ran down the hall to the bathroom for a shower.

15 minutes later I was out of the shower, my hair straight, make-up on, and dressed. I was wearing my baby pink silk-cashmere open cardigan with a white tank top underneath, over top a pair of blue jeans.

“Well Faye. No use stalling any longer.” I sighed and went back to my room to grab my bag. Just as I leaned over to pick it up, I heard the ghost of my man talk to me.

“I’m waiting. Stay away from dark alleys.” Gasping, I clutched my bag in both hands and sprinted downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was just finishing making my lunch. She handed it to me without a word, kissed my forehead and walked upstairs.

“”Great, I’m on my own for a ride to school today.” I grabbed the car keys from under the kitchen cabinet and walked towards the door. But before I could quite reach it – I saw Him.

He looked so sad. It pained me to see him like that. Then I remembered what He did to me so many years ago.

As if sensing my anger, He looked up at me – the ghost of the man that I love. And for the second time today, I heard Him. “Remember my warning.”

I ran through him, not wanting to see Him anymore, not wanting to hear Him. I had to get out- get to school where I would be surrounded by noise and people.

Once in the car, I breathed a sigh of relief and turned the stereo on. “Music will help. It always does.”  

I leaned back in my seat and turned out of the driveway, and despite my fear, I desperately wanted to see Him again. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that unearthly perfection that was Isaac.

I hissed in a breath. “Bad idea… I love you.”


Just like I hoped, my friends were waiting. “Faye!” I had just stepped out of my car when my two best friends spotted me and came charging over.

Melanie and Tabitha – probably the two greatest people on this planet – and two of the only people that stuck by my side when He left me.

“Mel! Tab! How are you guys? I can’t believe school’s finally here!”

“I know – One more minute with that brother and sister of yours and you wouldn’t be around for our first prom. Although, I wouldn’t mind some one on one time with Garrett.” I rolled my eyes at Melanie’s comment. She’s been obsessed with my brother since we were three.

“Melanie, you do remember that he’s graduating this year. Maybe if you’re super good, I’ll talk him into taking you to prom.”

Before Melanie could let out her shriek of delight that both Tabitha and I knew were coming – the bell rang. “Saved by the bell… Literally.”

We walked up the stairs that lead into the main hallway of Grimsby High. I listened to my friends chatter about classes they have, boys that they’re planning on taking to the first dance and whatnot. They never mentioned His name, and I was grateful for it.

When I got to my first class, English, I was happy to see both Tabitha and Melanie were in it with me. “This should make my day so much easier.” I smiled to myself and sat down.

About 5 minutes into class – which was just a bunch of chaos – a younger man of about 20 walked in. He dressed like most of the boys in my class; he walked like most of them. In fact, he pretty much looked like one of them.

I turned to Melanie and saw that her face mirrored my thoughts. She looked at me and mouthed “O.M.G.” I nodded my head in agreement.

The man turned to the chalk board and wrote in big, neat letters his name. He spun around on his heels in an Elvis impersonation and, with a snap of his fingers, winked at Casie Abrams sitting in the front row.

“Alright guys – I’m going to be your English teacher for the year. My name – though written on the chalkboard – is Jeraud Verhoevan.” As he said this, his gaze swept over the class. That was when I got a good look at him.

His hair was a light brown, with a few golden highlights throughout it. His face still had that little boy roundness to it, though some of his facial features were sharper. His shoulders were strong, broad, yet lean at the same time. His chest, though hidden by his shirt, was well muscled. He had to be about 6’ 4”. Then, his eyes caught mine. I hissed in a breath. They were black. A fathomless pit that felt like they were drinking in my soul. He smiled at me, and his teeth – the most perfect teeth I’ve ever seen – looked sharp and dangerous. One gleamed in the light of the sun and I noticed it was a bit longer than any of the others.

I started to feel nauseas. Prying my eyes away from his, I looked to Tabitha for help. She was good with this sort of thing. I stood up and ran to the door, Tab right on my heels. Mr. Verhoevan stopped us before we could get to the girls bathroom 5 feet down the hall.

“Where do you girls think you’re going?”

Tabitha, like always, took charge of the situation. “Sorry sir, but Faye is just getting over the flu, and her mother has asked me to watch out for her.”

I smiled weakly. Good old Tab, always thinking up a believable lie. The man looked me up and down. “Is this true?” I nodded.

“Alright then. I guess I ought to let you go.”

He walked back into the classroom and shut the door. Before Tabitha and I started walking again, he watched us through the window, glaring at us the entire time. We turned towards the bathroom, and I could still feel his glare.

“Ok Faye. Speak. What’s gotten into you lately? All summer you’ve been avoiding me and Mel.”

“Sorry… I just – It’s been three years now, and every day I’ve been waiting. Hoping that He will come back to me. And every day I get disappointed.”

Tabitha muttered something under her breath that sounded a lot like “Custard.”

“Tab, look… I know that you’re mad at him for leaving, but… “

“Save it Faye.”

“But I –“

“I said stop it!”

“I saw him today… Twice!”

That caught Tabitha off guard. “You… he? He’s back?”


“Then how could you have seen him?”

“Don’t laugh, but I saw a ghost of him.”

“A ghost? Faye, have you ever thought of seeing anyone? I know you tried after it happened, but if you’re seeing ghosts…”

“Not ghosts. His ghost.”

I told her what he said to me. Or what I though I heard anyways. “I am so glad that I came to Tabitha about it. Melanie would have freaked.”

“Faye. Sweetie, you have to talk to someone. Hang on – I’ll be right back with the counselor.”

“Maybe not.” I followed her out into the hall and watcher her walk down to the guidance office. Once she was inside, I turned the opposite direction of her and ran. I ran straight through a group of grade 9’s working on a group art project. Out the back doors and onto the side streets.

I took the side streets down to the library where I stopped for a few minutes. I looked inside for a clock and noticed that school had only been running for no longer that half an hour.

Sighing, I decided that there was no point in me going back so I kept walking. I walked down to the mall, glad that school was on. This way, I didn’t have to worry about running into anyone that I knew.

I walked throughout the mall for a few hours, not actually buying anything despite the credit card that felt like it was burning for me to use. I noticed that one of my favourite stores was having a “buy one, get one half off” sale.

Grinning, I nearly sprinted into Old Navy and found an adorable pair of jeans and a green sweater that went with them perfectly. I bought them and walked outside.

I started walking back towards the school – totally oblivious of the feet slapping the ground behind me. It wasn’t until I had gone the 10 blocks from the mall to the library that I realized I was being followed. I picked up my pace and continued on my way to the school, but the person following me started moving faster as well.

I paused in front of the school and looked back, surprised to see that it wasn’t just one man following me, but two. The school doors opened and I turned back to see my English teacher coming out of the door, a sly grin plastered to his face.

Returning to my slow jog, I went another few blocks and heard that the men were still following me. I started to run, looking for anywhere that I recognized, but I was now in an unfamiliar part of the city. I gave myself a mental slap and kept running in the only direction I could – away from my stalkers.

I passed a few people on during my desperate attempt to escape – and – just like the fool I am - didn’t stop to ask for help. Someone driving by in a car honked at me and asked if I needed anything, but by then I was so scared out of my wits that I kept running – afraid that he might have been another man who wanted to hurt me.

Slap, slap, slap. I concentrated on the rhythm of my feet as they hid the ground. Slap, Slap, Slap. My footsteps got louder. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Are those even mine anymore? With a grunt, sprinted as fast as I could – suddenly very glad that I was always the fastest on the track team.

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Still too loud. SLAP, SLAP, THUD.

I looked up to see who I had run into – disappointed that they interrupted my newly found rhythm. I shrieked and flew backwards when I saw who it was.

“No, no, no, no, NO! It can’t be!”  I swore under my breath and turned down the first alley that I saw. “You’re hallucinating Faye. That’s it. He hasn’t come back.”

           I realized a few seconds too late that this alley had no way for me to escape – a dead end. I turned to face what was now an on-coming hoard of men – 10 of them. My love included.

The End

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