Back to that dayMature

12 year old, Jay loses her 7 year old sister, Taily from a shooting/bombing and is broken down. Then she remembers her old gang, The Slashers, and decides to go back.

It all happened so fast; the shooting, the bomb going off and the worst thing, Taily laying under rubble with only her hand visable. Darting for her, still bloody and bruised myself, I began to get pushed around by the disapering crowd. Iwas trembling as I hit the building floor hard. I couldn't stay awake but for one minute and then it was all black. When I awoke, all was clear. But Taily stayed now more blood was under the rubble pile.

No words could even come close to how I felt as I was pushed out of the building by police men. Horrid, disarmed, cripled, broken, numb.....they were all just to easy for that description. If I could ever go back to that day, I would find the person who took my sister from me and slice their heart out and burning. And for those who blocked me from getting to her, I would slap them across the face. All of that may sound extreme for a 12 year old girl, but if you were me you would feel the same. I thought about killing myself over it but figured it wouldn't do any good. So I decided to go the Slashers.





The End

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