In the Mall

Hey, sorry it's so late, I've kind of... been dealing with a lot... as you know, hehe.


Ben stared at me all through the parking lot, into the doors and down to our favourite milkshake store.

"Would you cut that out!" I said as we waited in line for our drinks.

"I'm sorry." He replied, looking down at the bright orange countertop of the "Mooshake".

I sighed patting his shoulder. "I know... it's shocked me too..." I smiled at him just as our drinks slid accross to our hands. We thanked the mooshake girl and sat down at one of the round multicoloured tables.

Sipping on my drink I noticed he was stairing at me. I sighed once again.

"I know you think that my parents were perfect. But I could always tell in a way. I knew they wouldn't last... I guess families just aren't meant to be sometimes..." I look over at him "Or most of the time" I correct myself, remebering his family and pretty much every family in my homeroom class, which as I recently noticed was about 25 students in total.

He sips his drink and nods. "I just can't believe it... you think you know something and then you find out its all wrong".

"Like when I found out you were gay" I joke sipping my own chocolate shake.He hits me on the shoulder playfully as I smile at him. 

"Yes but, what did you expect? You knew I was gay, even before I said it!" He laughed.

"But I was still shocked" I remind him, bringing me back into my current situation. Sighing once again, I decide to go for a walk outside. Getting up I motion for Ben to come and we leave through the cafeteria doors.

The gardens were as beautiful as always. Tailored to perfection, each rose bush in full bloom, smiling up at the mall patrons walking down the clean cut stone paths. I sipped my drink as we walked, the wind playfully fluttering through my long hair.

Ben looked gorgeous as always, his medium brown hair straightened beautifully, swept over his forehead narrowly missing his amazing aqua eyes. His choice in fashion always the same, styled as though a proffessional did it. His long plaid shirt covering his white T was tight to his well built body, his skinny black jeans highlighting his long, slender legs and his ever so sexy skate shoes topping off the hottest outfit in fashion. 

I always thought how much of a shame it was that he was gay. All that beauty, betrayed by hate crime and anti- social people. Now I knew what it was like to at least be in half of his left shoe... Considering I'm personally not gay. One of the things his, also divorced parents were against, before Ben's older sister Emmiline died in an accident.

"Lisa" He almost shouted to me as I swerved to dodge a couple and lost my footing. I dropped my milkshake, realising I was about to fall when suddenly. 

"Gotcha" A voice said as I felt myself fall into the arms of a boy I've never seen before. He helped me to my feet as my mouth fell open in shock.

"Are you okay?" He said Smiling worriedly. "You seemed to be thinking pretty deeply"

Thankfully before I could stutter my way into stupid- land, Ben piped up.

"Ah yeah sorry, she is going through a bit of a tough time at the moment. Thank you for helping her" He smiled picking up my drink and throwing it into the wastebin.

"Ah, I see... well try to pay a little more attention, or sit down when thinking deeply" He smiles and walks away, before I can even say goodbye.

Ben whistles and I snap out of my gaze. "Who was that?" He asks watching as the boy walks away.

"I don't know but he was, really good looking" I say outloud by accident. A little girl nearby overhears and giggles before running off to meet her mother. Ben just laughs at me.

"Yes he was" He replies through his smile. "I say we follow him."

I laugh and nod as we begin down the path once more.

The End

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