The first, Next Day

Hey again,

Second time writing events :D 

This one is based the day after so yeah enjoy!

(btw this one is written in first person)


I blink awake.

I was lying flat on my back staring up at my light pink netting hanging from the ceiling, the netting cascading around me like a frozen waterfall, never really ending. I sat up in my bed and feel the dry tears on my cheeks, no idea what time it was but I didn't care. Everything was just numb, like I'd suddenly become paralysed inside.

From this moment on I knew nothing would be the same between me and my parents. They aren't going to do the things they used to do, like mom kissing dad on the ckeek before he went to work, or dad making mom breakfast in bed on his weekends or days off... Everything would just change.

Getting up I grabbed some fresh clothes and went to the bathroom, it was still dark but I figured having a bath would relax me a little, so I ran the water in the tub, swishing it lightly with my fingertips. I slipped into the tub smoothly and relaxed sinking into the water up to my chin, resting there for just a moment before dipping into the warm water and looking up to the cream coloured walls of the bathroom. I loved being underwater. There was no noise, no thoughts and you didn't have to worry about anything but your next breath; simply peacefull. Of course everything had to end sometime, so I pulled myself back over the water and breathed out, panting slightly.

That when I heard the knock at the door.

"yeah?" I called out.

"What are you doing in there?" It was my mother, "It's 5 in the morning!"

I pondered for a moment on what to say and came out with "I woke up early and went for a jog" Which is normally true but if I had said I was emotionally estranged right now she probably would have worried.

"oh.. well don't take too long. Jake needs to take a shower before work"

I waited for the footsteps to die off before hitting the wall with my fist. "ugh" I thought to myself "Now she doesn't even say 'your father' anymore!?" the anger inside was building up. "How could they possibly do this so suddenly!" I hit the wall again using my fist to propell me back into the water, splashing a little onto the floor as I went. 

By the time I got out I was pruney. Dawn had come and mom was downstairs with dad eating breakfast, but I couldn't bear to look at them, let alone be in the same room so I gave a quick hello and a simple "I'm going to the mall" before grabbing my keys and leaving the house.

Walking to the car I noticed how horribly beautiful the weather was. With all thats happened and how I am feeling, it was like a punch to the stomach followed by a slap to the face. It didn't matter though because I was going job hunting with my friend Ben today. No matter what he always managed to make me feel better, just seeing him smile was enough to make my day. He deserved to smile though... With what he's been through in his life; makes it seem that what I'm going through nothing but a feather on my shoulders, compared to the boulder on his.

Anyways I got in the car and started the engine, hesitating for a moment before putting on my seatbelt and backing out of the driveway. I turned on the radio and switched it to my favourite station, quickly deciding to turn it off because it was anniversery hour, where people shout out to their lover for their anniversery. This only made me more bitter towards my parents and how they couldn't even last for 20 years together.

I honked pulling up to Ben's house stairing at the door as it opened and Ben's smiling face appeared. He hopped into the passenger seat and I pulled out while he put his belt on.

"Hey" He said smiling "No radio today?"

"No..." I said sadly turning the corner to the stretch of road before the mall. "I have some news" I said suddenly

"What's up?" I could see him look at me from the corner of my eye.

"My parents are getting a divorce" I said flat out.

I could sense his feeling of shock as I pulled into the huge parking lot of the town mall.



The End

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