Broken Hearts and Works of Art

Lisa just got back from Canada on a trip with her parents. She tried to stay calm when he parents told her they were getting a divorce halfway through the flight home, but now she was seriously angry that they didn't tell her. But then she meets Tim and begins to see that divorce is not the end of life, but perhaps a refresh.

Day one



 So this is like my first blog, I'm not really used to things like this but.... I need to vent. I think I am a pretty good writer so lets pretend this isn't a diary, but it is ( if that makes sense) So I guess I'll start lol.


Once upon a time, 16 years ago a woman names Clarissa gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in which she named Lisa. Her husband loved Lisa very much and raised her to be a beautiful daddy's girl!

This girl had georgous blue-grey eyes with long lashes, perfectly sculpted eye brows and facial features and long straight black hair. She was tall with a tone body from playing sports and a nice tan from constant sunshine.

Her parents were equally beautiful in looks.

Her father, an artist, had short curley brown hair and green eyes, sharp features like his sculptures and a tall slim body. He too had a tan, but only from completing tasks outside due to large amounts of paint and messy materials.

Her mother was tall, as her husband and child. She had fair skin and blue-grey eyes, every part of her was soft and small, gentle like a baby animal and her hair was long and black, as straight as a ruler, yet soft like silk. She also loved art in the form of writing and she was a wonderfull novelist, always working on one novel or another.

Anyways, Lisa and her family had recently returned from a family holiday to Canada when her parents had unexpectedly told her that they wanted a divorce.

"WHAT!?" Lisa had screamed at them "BUT YOU WERE SO HAPPY!!" She looked at her parents, sitting on the sofa accross from her. Like some movie scene that wasn't real. Or so she wished it was.... "Why? You can tell me that can't you?" Her expression was soft, close to tears, like a wounded puppy.

"Well... Honey..." Clarissa began "W-we..." She looked to her lap as her husband Jake placed his hand on her knee and continued.

"We, just don't love each other anymore..." He spoke soft, looking at Clarissa and then at Lisa. "We love you honey, it's not your fault, we just don't love each other..." He paused for response.

Lisa had known that her parent fought, but she knew that all parents did that... "Did they really not love each other anymore?" She thought to herself. She still said nothing, completely shocked at their sudden, heartbreaking news.

"I'm moving out on monday" Lisa's dad said "We will have a custody trial on wed-"

"CUSTODY?" Lisa Burst "IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO LEAVE EACH OTHER!? NOW I HAVE TO LEAVE TOO!?" She burst into tears and dashed to her room. Closing and locking her bedroom door, only to colapse on the bed in tears.

All Clarissa and Jake could do was look at each other and frown...

"She did not take this well" Clarissa said looking to the direction of Lisa's room.

"No" Was all Jake said before going to the kitchen.


So yeah.... thats how this all began... a vent I guess... although it was a little less dramatic. I didn't burst into tears until I got to my room. I didn't yell either... But in my head I was haha... I have communication issues XD

Anyways till next time (whenever that is) bye


The End

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