Six Months Earlier

It was just a normal day as I got ready to go to work.  I wasn't up until midday because I had the evening shift and even though I was awake I stayed in bed, enjoying just listening to the sound of Mum vaccuuming downstairs. 

When I eventually dragged myself out of bed I took a fresh towel from the upstairs cupboard and took a long shower, letting the water run over me as I slowly washed my hair.

I came downstairs in my usual winter clothes, casual trakkies, a comfortable t-shirt and jumper.  Mum was winding up the cord on the hoover when she looked up to see who it was.

'Hey sweetheart.  Good sleep?'  I shrugged my shoulders and continued through the tiny hallway and into the kitchen.  It was spotless as usual.  My mum was very OCD about keeping our house clean.

I put our old kettle on to boil and rummaged around in the fridge to find a bottle of milk.  I found one and then began the hunt for the teabags.  My brother loved moving things around so we couldn't find them, it was one of his annoying habits.

Eventually I found the teabags hidden behind the microwave and made myself a cup of tea.  I sighed as I took my first sip, feeling my body relax as the warm liquid sent shivers down my spine.

'So Jess?'  Mum came in pulling her hair out of its tight ponytail.  'When are you working tonight?'

'Harry wants me in for five thirty to be ready for evening rush starting at six.'  I took another gulp of tea.  'Any reason?'

'I need someone to sort out the ironing.  Greg's done another disappearing act so God knows when he'll be back.'  Mum looked stressed, running her hands through her tangled hair.  For an older brother Greg didn't do a lot to help us out.

'Don't worry about it Mum.'  I wrapped the arm that wasn't holding my mug of tea around Mum's shoulders.  'I'll sort it.  It's not as if I have anything better to do.'

'You're a darling.'

'I know.'  I smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek.  'Well I'd better get started now then shouldn't I.'

The End

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