Broken Hearts

My first story!


His arms were tight around me as he held me for the last time.  The mascara-stained tears streaming down my face were soaking his clean shirt as he tried to pull away from me.

'I have to go.'  He looked down at me his eyes filled with sadness.

'You can't leave me, I need you.'  I held on to him as tightly as I knew how, but it wasn't tightly enough.  His firm fingers unhooked mine from his arm and he stood out of my reach.

'It's too dangerous for me to be here.  I have to go.'  I shook my head, praying he would change his mind and stay.

'Then if you have to go take me with you.'  I tried to take his hand, but he moved out of my way with faultless speed.

'You know I can't do that.'  I tried to stem the flow of tears but it was impossible.  He gave me one last kiss on the top of my head and whispered in my ear, 'remember I will always love you,' and he was gone.  My knees buckled under me and I sank to the floor.

Everything ached and my throat was tired from sobbing.  Everything was blurred and I wasn't aware of the people staring at me.  I was completely numb except for the unbearable pain in my chest.  My heart was breaking.

The End

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