Broken Glass

It had been placed in her hand, even though she was 5 and a small child for her age; her father wanted her to have it before he went to the war. She looked him in the face and realised that he was beginning to cry, the candlelight mimicking the wind that was outside and banging the stable doors open and shut continously.

"Keep it safe." He kissed her on the forehead and placed it around her neck, the soft yet cold chain settled down on her chest where she picked it up gently and looked at it. She would have to remember it has a constant reminder of her father, for his face would fade from her memory with the years and events that would happen throughout her life. Her father had seen them, through the water, he had watched his daughter grow without him as he perished in the battle that would win great victory; only to have to fight it again in another 6 years. His daughter, his precious daughter, would be part of that war.
She would face things that he was going to have to conquer in his own mind, while she was still very young. But he was comforted in the knowledge that she would be protected, she would have it with her; an everlasting embelem of his love and protection.  

The night was becoming darker, he would have to leave her now, the battle would begin shortly. He wanted her to know how to help herself, to teach her what he knows; something that he should have done as soon as he knew this was going to happen. But why cloud a young girl's mind with mystery and horror when she is only innocent, only 5 years of age. She didnt understand why her father left her that night with the maid, why he would not come back no matter how hard she prayed or looked onto the horizon.

Tending to the horses and learning how to use a sword, that was what she wanted to learn; to be close to her father. He was a warrior, a brave warrior who had fought and won in the great war; that was all she knew about him. Coudnt remember his face, his touch, or anything, couldnt remember what precious protection she had.

The End

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