Broken Concrete

Pacing down the concrete walkway, the man could feel the pressure beginning again. Lowering his eyes to the pavement, he concentrated on keeping a steady stride, hoping the feeling was a minor passing. Only two more blocks to his apartment building, if he could shake it; if he couldn't... Pushing the thought from his mind he cursed himself. Keep focused fool! he chastised himself directing his thoughts back to relaxing and clearing his mind of the increasing pressure.

Gray slab after gray slab passed by his staring eyes, eventually leading his thoughts away from the congestion of automobiles next to him on the street. Tuning out the buzzing engines and shrilling horns, the pounding of his feet on the pavement was the only sound to fill his ears. Gray square and then a crack, then another gray square. Monotonous steps led him on until his body was floating miles above, land of gray stone was all his eyes could take in. Sounds of footsteps pounded below echoing up from that barren concrete waste, sending shocking blast upon blast resonating throughout his head, rattling everything loose inside. The pressure of it, about to tear him up and toss him to bitter ruins.

Rattle me. Shaking himself back to reality, he could feel himself opening up to fear. Fear of the insanity, sneaking in upon him, breaking him before he could know any better. Losing concentration... focus. Raising his head, a moment of relief washed over him like a cold spray of refreshing water, seeing it was just little over a block more to go. Momentary relief sizzled and evaporated away as his eyes continued scanning upwards, scaling the sides of the monstrous concrete walls that surrounded him. Without intent, they swept around the scene, a gale of gray and brown streaks sending him twisting to and fro in a gut-wrenching madness.

He felt himself stumble as one foot caught on the other. Arms beating madly for balance he went over sprawling to the ground. His jaw came down with an audible crack sending a brilliant red flash across his eyes and seizing the muscles rock hard, his face becoming fixated towards his left shoulder. With a groan that echoed through his head, he pushed himself onto his knees and proceeded to raise himself, staggering and reaching out for balance.

The End

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