Broken ChildhoodMature

Broken Childhood

Innocence I used to have,
Is busy burning in hell.
He stole it from me,
That Monday afternoon.
I said no, I promise I did,
But sometimes people don’t listen.
Happiness is gone,
Paralyzing thoughts are endless.
Tears burning in my eyes,
Smile fading to the dark,
Scarred for life,
Outside and in.
Stolen joy,
Lost childhood.
Hated love.
One word could’ve saved me.
I promise, I swear.
That word was on my lips,
It came off my tongue.
But it was too late.
You can’t replace
Something stolen from your soul.
You can’t get back
The smile you lost in the past.
And you can’t have the love
That you know can’t last.

The End

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