Hagar Simone: The Enlightened Enchantress

Hagar Simone

Something was happening. The stars signaled it, the wind screamed it, the birds danced it, the trees trembled, because of it. The forest-wolves' howls crescendoed, as chilling as winter ice, and Hagar grasped the cold railing of the balcony. Her knees nearly buckled from the weight of knowledge. Shoulders heaving, she leaned over the railing and desperately sucked air into her lungs, burning though they were. Every ounce of air, every movement, every thought was burdened with terror. Something was happening. All the signs were there.

Raising her trembling hands to the star-splotched sky, Hagar breathed the words of her people, the magicians. Aveli rin kasef, aveli rin likur, aveli rin enforas! Her utterings swelled into a haunting melody, and she humbly bowed her head and offered her plea to the heavens. "Aveli rin kasef, untir bren ri tiru." And then, she added in the common language, "Open our eyes to the enlightenment!"

Enlightenment. Hagar closed her eyes. A slow-paced sigh forced its way through her lips. Now was the time to retreat into the darkest corners of her magician's mind. Envisioning herself in a glistering room of incense and chantings, she placed a steady grip on the railing. In the middle of her imagined room, she saw him, calling, beckoning, summoning her to taste new life. This place in her mind was Hagar's retreat. In it, she was a refugee, sent from the outside world. Here, she found her own sort of nirvana.

Enlitri! Enlightenment!

"My Lady."

Shaken by the sound of an intruder's voice, the room in Hagar's mind fled her, and she fought for one brief moment to hold on to it, before accepting the reality that her imagined room would have to wait. "I thought I said no one was to interrupt me," she replied, startled and trying not to let the shock manifest itself in her voice.

"The orders of King Carnifex, may he reign forever, supersede your request," came the cool reply of whoever it was who had invaded Hagar's privacy.

At the mention of King Carnifex, Hagar released her hold on the railing and finally turned, acknowledging the servant with a cursory nod. "Tell him I'll be there shortly."

"He said right away, my Lady."

Enlitri, enlightenment, would be postponed until a later time. Spirit teeming with trepidation, Hagar pressed a tremoring hand to the x-shaped scar over her heart, feeling the life force of blood being ushered through its tangled web of veins. Heart, fail me not.

"My Lady, please, come."

Shrugging an unaffected eyebrow in the servant's direction, Hagar dismissed the poor minion with a wave of her hand. She left. Hagar sat. The world continued on its course, seldom stopping for the sake of a single soul.

So, then, King Carnifex had not cast Hagar from his presence for the depths of eternity, as he had threatened to do, the last time they had spoken. Hagar had angered him, and in his wrath, he had exiled her from his throneroom - and it had not been the hands of guards, but the hands of Carnifex himself, that had flung her through those beautiful, gilded throneroom gates. Hagar and Carnifex had their share of fallings out, each worse and more heated than the last. But she could never fall from his graces; he needed her to carry out his work.

Carnifex wanted his kingdom to know enlitri, to place trust in the belief that all, every one of his kingdom, could attain greatness through interference with the supernatural. For the time being, Hagar was one of the few who could see the previously unseen - demons, dark forces, and the like. However, soon enough, if the enforcement of the enlitri movement could prevail, her knowledge, her kasef, would be shared with the rest of the world. They all would be enlightened and knowledgeable. They all would be gods, for enlitri itself was a god. And Hagar - oh, the glory of it - Hagar was Carnifex's prophetess and his druidess, chosen to fulfill his purposes.

At long last, Hagar removed her hand from her chest. Drawing one last belabored breath and bracing her bravery before standing, she murmured another pleading for enlitri and, with halting steps, hastened to make her appearance.

The End

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