Samuel Vocora: The Silver-Tongued Werewolf

In the capital city of Jerus, the arrival of a mysterious man changes the lives of five different people and turns their world upside down as he opens their eyes to a long-hidden truth, that affects all people.
This is the first part of allegorical story, written by writers who only wish to glorify the ultimate author.

The down town district of Jerus, the capital city, was always alive. Even though the sun had long since set, the glaring lights illuminated the paved streets and the people that walked them The many sounds of the downtown, the humming of the neon signs, the multitude of footsteps, the music of the clubs, all resounded in Samuel's highly trained ears.

He yawned as he continued to walk down the busy road toward his destination, a huge party on the other end of town. He sighed. How many parties had he been to since he got here? How many flings had he had? It wasn't as though they were boring, but he wished for something more. He got to the door of the large club where the party was taking place. The bouncer, a large burly centaur, looked at him. "Sorry, invites only," he said gruffly.

"Invite, huh? Josh forgot to tell me about that," Samuel thought to himself. "Must be in my mailbox." Not that he was going to go all the back across town to his apartment to get it. He smiled at the centaur.

"Look my friend, I'm sure you get a lot of 'I forgot my invite, so please let me in.'" The bouncer snorted.

"Yeah, I do get that a lot," the bouncer agreed. Samuel relaxed and laid back against the wall next to the bouncer.

"Must be annoying." The guard snorted.

"You're telling me." He looked over at Samuel.

"And I take it you're gonna be one of those people?" Samuel shook his head.

"Nah, I'm not going to make light of your job. I came without an invite, so I'm outta luck. Unless you wouldn't mind doing me a favor."

"What is it?"

"The guy who invited me would be able to vouch for me being on the inside. Joshua. You know him?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Do you mind going in for a bit and tell him Samuel's waiting at the door? I can watch the front for you if you want."

Sam waited for the bouncer to answer, who seemed to be pondering his request.

"Why not," he agreed eventually. "I could use a stretch and a drink." Samuel watched the centaur go in and grinned to himself.

"Another fine performance," he said to himself. Samuel quickly brushed his slick silver fur and smoothed out his jacket as he waited. A few minutes later the centaur came back, along with a large black werewolf.

"What took you so long?" the werewolf said with a grin.

"Well Josh, if someone would've told me about needing an invite I could have gotten in much sooner," Samuel retorted. They traded hi-fives.

"Well, you're here now right? That's all that matters." Josh motioned for Samuel to follow him in. Samuel turned to the bouncer.

"Thanks for doing me a favor," he said. The centaur gave a slight smile and waved him in.


The End

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