Smash Hit

“Aye, you hear about that fellow, who got caught in the bog last week?” A heavy gentleman said as he sloppily drank down the last of his liquor. He smashed it down on the countertop and grabbed a handful of salted peanuts.

“Heard it was some foreign monster who, chopped off his head and took the rest of his body to be scalped.”

There was a group of men sitting on barstools surrounding the tender. Most of them were heavy with tattoos or well, skinny with tattoos. Men with typical life styles that either stole or went from bar to bar just to pick fights. People would normally assume that if a crime was committed this would be one of the first places to go.

“What will it be today?” said a young blonde haired woman.

The person who she was talking to sat in the corner closest to the door with their head buried in a newspaper. The newspaper slowly went down revealing a woman’s smile.

“I will have what they are having, Merissa.”

“Alright be right back.” She winked at the girl and headed back behind the tender’s counter to put in the order.

The woman raised the paper once more and continued to listen to the conversation.

“No, it was neither monster nor man I will tell you what it was...”

Every bald head, tattooed arm, and every scarred face bent in closer to listen. The woman taking cover behind the paper also strained her ears for a good hear.

“It was…. That damn manslayer...”

The woman’s eyes slightly light up, for fear or maybe for interest.

“ .. ‘s ghost.” Everyone’s expression turned sour for a moment, and the tender even stopped the tap from pouring out it spirits. The girl behind the inked words relaxed the tension that had built up in her shoulder.

“Eh, that is an old tale from the Wars. Every soul around here knows that it is made up. And those crazy coots, who talk about it, are just insane from all the medication.”

“It was most likely a demon.” The bartender wiped one of the glasses.

The man who had made the suggestion of a human committing the crimes, just grumbled and returned to his cold drink. He raised it to his lips drinking every slosh filled with bubbles.

“Here, never took you for a drinker, Aidalin, since you never order anything, besides still water.” Merissa put the liquor onto the oak table and switched the serving platter to her left hand.

“Thank you.” Aidalin spoke softly and put down the newspaper. She did not take the frosted drink in hand, but instead pushed it away. “On second thought can I have something not as enticing?” she shot a glance to the men who occupied this bar.

Merissa gladly picked up the drink, brought it to the cork pit, where she dumped all of its contents in. Never had she met someone like Aidalin. As calm as she was, she never spoke much of herself. On the rare occasion she asked a question or two, but never dug deep into answers that were not need to be known. Also that creature that always lies next to her feet, almost acted human. She thought of this as she went to the kitchen to grab more mugs.

‘You should not waste things.’ A voice had popped into Aidalin’s head.

She looked at the creature lying beside her with his its eyes closed. The paws that rested in prayer stretched wide with a span of three human hands. The magnificent silver coat glistened with the dust that danced in the sun. An even tempered creature that could make a small child happy yet put fear into a grown man’s heart is a strange quality.

‘Sorry, but I couldn’t bring myself to drink it, Nuki.’ Aidalin smiled down at the tranquil being. ‘Besides, I am not that thirsty anyway.’ She blew at a piece of lint that fell onto her newspaper.

He kept his eyes closed and just mumbled something to himself, without letting her hear. He shifted his paws into a more comfortable position.

Merissa quickly came back with a clear drink far less exhilarating. She smiled as she put the glass down and walked back to finish the rest of her duties. Aidalin picked up the glass guzzling every single last drop down. She let out a sound of content as she wiped her forearm against her mouth.

‘Not in the mood for anything? It is hot outside and Beck needs us to run some errands.’ She focused her thoughts into Nuki’s sleepy mind.

‘Ever heard of the Law of Conservation?’

‘I would like to have thought so.’

‘You shouldn’t stick something in someone that doesn’t need that certain something, for the time being, especially if you have a third party who doesn’t know the meaning of the most simplest word, no.’

‘Sore about something?’

Suddenly there was a shatter of glass and a scream of a girl. “Let me go!”

Aidalin looked up towards the tender’s keep to see on heavyset man grabbing Merissa by the arm and trying to give her a kiss.

“Hey come on gorgeous, just a little peck on the lips is all it takes.” His breath must have been bad for she saw Merissa cringe her face and hold up her arm to guard herself from his pursuits.

Her fingers wrapped tighter around the mug’s handle.

 ‘Don’t’ a dragged out sigh popped into her thoughts.

She glanced down at her companion with a crooked smirk, ‘You should know me better than that.’

‘The problem is I do.’

In a split second she hurled the glass mug across the pub. Time seemed to slow down as it flew right in between Merissa and the burly man that was harassing her. It conveniently smashed all of the alcohol containers that the bartender had just bought. The glass shattering was like thunder clap across a deserted plain.

No one spoke for they were not completely sure what happened, but as soon as they blinked, their sights locked on Aidalin.

 “I would let go of her if I were you.” she tried to make her voice as dry as possible.

The man was stunned for he just stared at her trying to gain back his composure. He looked at the woman and began to laugh with his saliva collecting in the corners of his mouth.

“That was a very blunt thing for a woman to do. You should know better than to mess with someone twice your size.”

Aidalin stood from her padded seat, rising straight and standing in a commanding position. “And a man should know where he is not wanted.”

A small vein appeared on the man’s forehead and started to grow in a throbbing annoyance at the insulting voice that threatened his dignity.

‘Here we go’ Nuki yawned opening his striking black eyes.

“Girl, no one threatens me. I get what I want.” The man grabbed a knife that rested on the bar countertop holding it to Merissa’s neck.

Merissa squirmed in his inked arms with a disgusting snarl plastered on her lips. She ever so slightly tried loosened her body in order to worm out of the nasty hole he had placed around her. The man smirked at this and leaned in for an unwanted kiss. Merissa shrieked like she had saw the walking dead right before her eyes.

‘I think I am going to need that drink now.’

The End

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