Something already in pieces.Mature

The girl with the raven black hair was not long for this world. She lay naked on her bed, empty eyes blank to the ceiling, her last foggy thoughts drifting through her mind. It had been ten hours since Natalie had left, and she had not moved since but to grab her ecstasy and scissors from the nightstand drawer. 

It was raining, hard, harder than she could ever remember. The consistent rapping of the drops provided a background symphony to her ordeal. It was perfect for her mood. The beat of the water changed and twisted, dancing on the fading remnants of her trip. Her wrists hurt, like nothing else had ever hurt before, but she had to take it. One last bit of pain, and then it would be done. 

She didn't think it would be like this when she made the decision. She thought it would be something warm and fuzzy, something to take her home. It wasn't. It was cold, wet, miserable, and painful. This is not what she expected.

The pain in her heart is worse though. Natalie. There's not much to be said about what existed between them. The girl with the raven black hair loved her, but Natalie didn't love her back. Natalie had carried on the relationship as something trifling, almost amusing, and then cut it off when it got too serious. This destroyed the girl. Took her heart in a hand and broke it into a million throbbing pieces. 

And this is where the girl has ended up. At the end of an ecstasy high, bleeding profusely from self inflicted cuts in both wrists, dying slowly. She sighs deeply, and sinks deeper into the haze that is swallowing her. She wants it to just be over, she wants it all to be gone. 

She rolls over, and barely realizing it, hits the floor with a violent thump. She doesn't even feel it. But someone in the apartment below hears it. Her eyes glide shut and she curls up on the hardwood floor. Everything gets a bit darker and a bit slighter, without definition. She is on the edge now, slipping toward the point of no return.

She doesn't hear the insistent knocking at her door. She doesn't hear the shouting. She doesn't hear the loud, sudden crash, and she doesn't hear the distant sirens in the night.

The End

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