Once, she was human. But that was long ago, before she was broken.

Her pale hair swirled violently about her face and the moon glowed out through her eyes. She was a ghost, with her stark white complexion and those eyes - so full of power and yet entirely empty. The earth rumbled beneath her naked body, a body beautiful by any standards but strangely perverse. Every muscle in that body was tensed, even those she should not possibly have been using, and it called upon a sickness in any who looked upon her.

Time passed swiftly, like the wind, and the drums of the ground beat ever faster. When it felt as though the world was near crumbling, streams of water burst through the pores of the soil and pressed themselves near the woman, swirling and caressing blindly. With a barely detectable shift in posture, the water began to surge about her body violently, so that only her pallid face was exposed.

"Are you human?" he asked, but with a distinct tone of disgust.

"Once," she replied.

"What the hell happened to you?" His face judged every part of her and wrote tales of revolt.

"A man broke me, long ago. He was a man much like you."

And his screams were muffled, as if mere whispers uttered beneath water.

The End

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