About a teenager who recently broke up with his ex girlfriend, and is wanting revenge.

It was 3am on Saturday, December 19, and was cold and quiet. Everyone had gone to bed at 10pm, all except for a teenage boy of the name of Zog, who was questioning escaping his room rather hard. Zog had been dumped by his girlfriend only two days back, and was now coping with his sorrow in his room alone. After debating for some time now though, Zog finally decided to sneak out, and drive to his thinking spot. The drive wasn’t long at all, and along the way he listened to the radio play “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” while driving along H67. Once he made it to the quiet and uninhabited spot however, he parked his car, blasted the cars music, and sat on the top of his car and stared out at the stars.

Zog gazed out at the bright, white stars in the cool, black night, and soon started remembering all the good times he spent with his ex-girlfriend Nikki in the last 3 months.

“Zog that’s my deodorant!”

“I know, I know, but I’m all out and I really need to use it.”

“Zog just go out and buy one if you really need it that badly!” exclaimed Nikki.

“I will, but for now I’m going to have to use it.”

“EW Zog, that’s so gross,” shouted Nikki.

His mind was then blurred from this memory, and soon was at another one in time.   

“Nikki, I’m not going to allow you to do that!” exclaimed Zog.

“Come on Zog please, my parents won’t find out,” said Nikki.

“No Nikki, I won’t let you get a tattoo.”

“But...but… fine. Okay,” said Nikki.

“Instead, hopefully this can make up,” said Zog.

“Wait wha…” she started, but was then cut off with a kiss.

It had started to rain then, and even in the wet rain, we continued making out. Eventually a young kid came by and told us,  “Ew PDA, kill it with fire!” To that though, we both just continued smacking our lips together. We exaggerated as well, making gross, rather grotesque noises to get rid of the kid. Eventually he left, and we were left alone hugging each other in the rain. At one point, Nikki finally said, “Ok Zog, this works too.” With that, we both stopped kissing and laughed in the rain.The rain was pouring down on us, as we both held hands.

I was soon awoken by the sound of the radio again, and made my way down from the car and eventually home. I got home at around 5:45, and quietly pulled into the driveway, parked, and snuck back into the house. The next day I got up rather late, 11am to be exact, and started the day by having a late breakfast. My breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, and two waffles, and once done with my meal, I went to the tv and turned it on. The news was on, and although I would usually change it, I kept it on. At one point, I spaced out and started remembering the day that Nikki and I had attended the  Halloween party. It had been hosted by one one my close friends named Todd, and a few of my other friends had gone to it as well.

We had arrived to Todd’s house rather late, due to Nikki indecisiveness on what to wear. Once inside however, we made our way towards my group of friends. The night had been going rather well if I do say so myself, and Nikki had gone to talk to one of her friends who had attended as well, while I talked with my group of acquaintances. I had been looking over my pal Liam’s shoulder to see how Nikki had been doing, and that is when everything soon fell into place. Nikki’s friend Zoey invited me over, and started out the conversation.

“Hey Zog, I was wondering on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love your girlfriend?” she said.

“Well obviously a lot, she’s like my player two,” I said.

“Would it be okay then if I did this?”

“Um, what Zoey?” I asked curiously.

“Nothing really, just this.”

With this, Nikki turned to her right rather quickly and kissed the boy standing next to her at the moment, who actually went by the name of Marshall. She then continued on, confessing that she always loved Marshall over me, and how she and him had a kid who was on its way.

Everything after that was a blur, except for the newfound feeling of rage inside myself. I quickly then snapped back into reality, and turned off the tv. As it reached 3pm, my mind started to feel with rage again, and everything in my body wanted to beat Nikki with a stone, until her brains came out and she laid dead in front of me. After debating how I would deal with this newfound rage, I eventually settled on something. I would poison Nikki in her sleep, and leave before the morning birds chirped.




The End

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