"Thanks for deciding to join us today Ms. Hill", said Mr.McGurk as I rushed to my seat. I glared at him and began to unpack my belongings for class. I still had my coat on and soon realized I wasn't prepared for his class because I hadn't visited my locker. I checked the time and I noticed there was only 10 minutes of class left and so I made up in my mind I wasn't going to do anything for the rest of the class period.

The dean, Mr. Truman, pulled me into the hallway. I was pissed and couldn't care less as to what this man had to tell me. I listened to him though. Well, that was until I zoned out. He rambled so much that the last thing I heard was something about oppression. "The system is purposely set up for us to fail!.." he said. I had begun to think back yet again on everything that had transpired that morning and motive for my mother's actions wasn't apparent. Although, I can assume that I was out of line. Suddenly, as I was in the midst of thought, a tiny white feather landed on my upper lip. Simultaneously, what I'd call a great idea came to mind as I flinched and removed the piece of bird hair, "Why am I punishing myself for her behavior? Why was I being punished for Rico's behavior? Why do I feel like I deserve this?". I don't and I was done beating myself up. I was also done listening to this rant I was receiving from the dean. I walked off. I left the building, never to be seen again that day.


The End

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