This story will be about a girl who lives a double life. The narrator is the main character attends Whitney Young High School and is a very well-rounded student, or so she appears.

I limped through the halls to second period. I was just arriving to school, late, and feeling disoriented on the inside. On the outside, I was neat and "well-put-together", as my grandmother would say. I physically looked fine but, on the inside I could only think of the beating I'd received before I arrived at school. My mother had struck me for trying to protect her. At this point I was lost, battered, confused, and certainly not in the mood for Mr. McGurk's history lesson. 

My nose was running, just as I had ran to school from home. As I ran, my nose did to as to try and keep the pace. There was both snot and blood. I had angered my mother to the point to no return I guess. She beat me like I was some stranger on the street whom she barely had known. I couldn't fathem precisely why she had taken her anger out on me but, because she does everything for me I figured the least I could do for her would be to not question her judgement. She wasn't completely angry at me but, she was fully pissed at her ignorant boyfriend, Rico. He had cheated on her and beat her for questioning him about it. "Why!?", she had yelled at him as she hovered over him. He sat on the couch in silence as she went on and on about what her girlfriend, Keisha, had told her. Rico had anger-management issues and frequently made it his business to get what he wants. After a few attempts at trying to shut my mother up verbally, he raised up from the couch and slapped her across her face. In an instant, my mother was on the floor at first in silence from the shock but, eventually she came to. By the time she came to, Rico had left for work but, she hadn't finished her rant. Not yet anyways. 

I came to her aid. I tried as much as I possibly could to calm her down but, she just wouldn't hear it. She had made up in her mind that she was going to be mad. I placed a cool towel on her forehead and lay her down on the couch. I checked my phone and saw that I only had 10 minutes before my bus came for school. As I headed for my phone charger which was beside her head on the coffee table next to the couch, I wondered to myself, "Why put up with his nonsense?". I began to sink into deep thought but, I soon found that my nose felt out of place. I had went so deep into what I thought was thought that I realized I had actually spoke these feelings into the world. My mother had arose from the couch and punched me in the face. As I stood crying, she began to ramble, "Rico is all we have: he puts food on the table, a roof over our heads, and clothes on your ungrateful ass!". She grabbed a belt and began to strike my behind.

The End

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