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   I shivered. The icy gust of wind bit at my skin unforgivingly. While winter was my favourite season, I often found myself far more unwell than usual due to my insistence on staying out late in the freezing cold because the newly formed frost fascinated me.

   My every step was measured; I tested out the icy ground before me before placing my foot onto it. Despite the fact my boots where heavily gripped, I didn’t trust my gangly teenage body to stay upright on the slick pathway. The wind flurried past me again. It picked up my curls in its wake, and they danced in the air momentarily.

   Goose flesh rippled up my arms so fast it was almost painful. In response to the cold, I pulled my coat around my shoulders and folded my arms for it was wrapped tightly around me. The strong breeze continued to whip up my hair and tug playfully at my scarf, determined to sneak under the many layers of wool and nip at my warm skin.

   I pressed on, determined to make it home before the sun went down. I trudged down the footpath; skidding on muddy ice every five minutes or so when I tried to be more adventurous and not pay attention to where my boots went. The trek to my house from the bus stop was almost three miles and I am fairly certain it’s the winding paths and steep hills which have stunted my growth. I burn more calories walking home from the bus than I eat during the day. People usually told me this was an incentive to eat more food, but in between studying and track team; I found the concept of having time to finish my lunch something similar to a fantasy.

   A prickling sensation pinched at the skin on the back of my neck and I turned around nervously but even though I sensed the presence of another person, felt their eyes on me; there was no one around. Anxiety fluttered in my stomach, but my mind just told me it was nothing – a mistake. I turned on my heel, and made my way forward again.

   The feeling of being watched ensued for a good five minutes and along with it my sudden jolt of fear. It was unlikely someone would be following me this far out, but the terror still played at the edge of my mind, taunting me. I knew it was just paranoia, but I sped up my pace nonetheless.

   When I walked past  the large oak tree which sat a little way from the road, I felt my anxiety ease a little. I was nearly home. Home: where the prying eyes of imaginary stalkers could never follow me.



The End

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