The first thing she realized, after she opened her eyes, was that her left arm hurt. It really hurt. It hurt more than anything she had ever felt, white hot searing pain that started out at the elbow and branched out in different directions, down her forearm to her wrist and up her bicep to her shoulder. So she looked at it. 

Somehow, seeing the twisted and bloody limb that was her left arm made it even more painful. The fact that it was broken made it so much more real. Sara was laying down in the backseat, and the appendage in question was jammed under the bottom of the back of the front seat. Josh was on top of her, unharmed, snoring softly.

Sara pulled at the arm, but immediately regretted it. The pain she had felt while awakening was bubbles and rainbows compared to this. She cried out, and black fuzzy spots filled her vision. Sara nearly blacked out, but after a deep breath and a second’s recovery, she was back in the game. There was no way to pull it out directly, that much was certain. She would lose consciousness and that wouldn’t help. 

What if I could move the seat forward?, she thought, and then tried to remember how the seat worked. This was Peter’s car, and she didn’t drive it often, so she had to think hard. Then she had it. There was a lever on the frontside of the seat that, when pulled up, allowed the seat to be pushed forwards and backwards. Sara reached, stretched a hard as she could, but her fingers barely brushed the metal. She was so close, so very close.

And then, yes! The metal lever slid to the side, and the seat clicked forward. There was a brief moment of pain and then her arm was free. She sat up, and that was when she saw Peter.

The End

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